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Published:January 16th, 2008 09:04 EST
NEWS FLASH:  No Parking in America

NEWS FLASH: No Parking in America

By Will Roberts

(Transcription of Audio Podcast)

Pork and beans is costing us the greens that we need!
Wow, I just read a story in the LA times that quite frankly floored me, here is the headline: "Rogers`s family faces fight to keep park open ".  Now as you may or may not know, Gov. Schwarzenegger is proposing a plan for 2008 and it includes closing 48 parks at 13 million dollar savings.
I will get to the point because there are many! Now the biggest problem(s) I see with these closers, other than the fact that a lot of the parks have the words, HISTORICAL Park in their title. Is, that it closes down the very places where folks go to walk and find peace in the cities, that are noisy and drive us crazy. Folks need a place they can sit and walk and reflect and talk with each other, and Starbucks is not an alternative for parks, no matter how GREEN they become. Parks were not designed, no, we built the cities around them and it is the duty of our big boys and girls in the government to PROTECT these places not to close down and let them go to pot. I see where these closers might benefit the government though.  If the state lets these prime real estate spaces become run down, in a few years folks that don`t see the beauty of wide-open space, i.e.; Vandals and real estate developers, will destroy them. These parks might become the next billion dollar homes (WITH A VIEW) and then we will just have just big city and small views.

Now, I hold a certain place in my heart for the Will Rogers Historical Ranch home, mainly because it allows us to see the history of a man and a philosophy that we don`t see as much anymore - ethics, morals and common sense, in our people and our government. But I see hope for change, which is why the 2008 elections are so popular this time. Remember that Mr. Governor, around election time.  I also run around the USA and abroad as a humorist just like Will Rogers did, spinning my rope and catching a few laughs from the stories I read in the newspaper. However, this cowboy is not laughing at this headline today, because the closer of any of these parks let alone Will Rogers State Historical Park would be a grave mistake in my judgment.
Try this: When I was a kid, I had a teddy bear that was given to me by my mother. It was very near to my heart.  Now within a few years it was just a ragged mess with an eye off, ripped and was even in danger of losing a leg. Well my father decided it was time to "put it down", so he grabbed it when I was not looking and threw it away. I became crazy to try to find it and finally made the discovery that it was in the dumpster. Well I pleaded and cried to get it back, and after a little reasoning, my father made the choice that I could keep it but it had to be fixed up. He is my point! This park was given to the city of Los Angles by Betty Rogers, Will`s wife, in 1944 a gift that even back then was a great treasure and it was given to folks of Los Angeles to be able to enjoy the same times that Will, his family and friends had. Picnics, Polo, Horseback trails, and a view that is priceless. The only stipulation that Betty Rogers had was to keep it up. I know because in the last 10 years that that part of the bargain was not quite followed through on. Until the Rogers family politely nudged the Park folks to "Git R Done ", they started that task and myself and anyone who could found them as part of this home restoration. Cleaning, painting, nudging the park folks, raising awareness, putting out the word, nudging the park folks "
Here is what surprises I Mr. Schwarzenegger, last year you came to the rededication of the park, him and his wife also use it to ride and board his horse.
This is not a Mac Donald`s being ripped down making way for kids hospital, because I am sure if Will was still around he would give the Ranch house off his back for that cause. California is showing the USA that they know how to be green and provide for their people. Mr. Schwarzenegger you can`t be green and get rid of the trees.
Now I know you folks that read or listen to my comments are thinking I don`t know anything about this park, Will Rogers for that matter, however, let`s take care of this now, or it might be coming to a park near you. . SOON.
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