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Published:January 18th, 2008 10:11 EST
Schwarzenegger terminates the birds, the bees, flowers, and the trees

Schwarzenegger terminates the birds, the bees, flowers, and the trees

By Will Roberts

You know you have hit the big time when you get the front page of a major newspaper.  And when the story hits and is big enough to reach many front pages, then you have really made it. Well recently, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger released his budget for 2008, and not only has it made front page across the boards, but it may warrant a whole section devoted to him until it is figured out.    
Now, I have been a huge fan of the governor for the longest time. This last year he was making changes so fast with the "Green" thing and creating program ideas that made me think he was turning democrat.  Either party is fine – we just wanted something done.  
But recently, with this new plan, it has shown Californians that, like the plots to the governor’s movies, nothing has changed; death and destruction prevail.  
Back in the middle of 2007, I was writing in favor of the governor. Here is one of my last comments:

I would say it is an open field in 2008. I would even say that if Schwarzenegger could convince us that he was an upstanding American citizen we should consider him [as president]. He has been making things happen even before he was re-elected.  
And there was a lot more where that came from. He was looking like the "Conan is shiny armor", slashing through the red tape that normally binds politicians down and keeps them there until they slip into the background of the commonplace politics we have all come to expect these days.    
He was making this Independent want to become dependent on a Republican. The work he has been doing on the GREEN California campaign has been nothing short of brilliant. I read recently that even the federal government is trying to out do him on those changes. Governor, imitation is the highest form of flattery. However, you might just want to pull those broad swords out of their sheaths and cut through the California forests you are lost in and get back to your desk to rethink things. You spent most of your movie career with folks hunting you down and attacking you.  Don't you want a break from that?  These new changes are getting folks a little firer up and they may come runnin’ to you. This may start a witch-hunt that makes your movies look like those on Hallmark, and if this fire starts, who will be there to put it out? Not the California Forestry Department, because they (like others) will be setting up camp at a vacant California historical park, hoping for relief.  
Plead insanity. Californians are used to that, and considering you are a movie star, you can throw in rehab as well. That will give you some extra time to rethink this crazy plot, this "Nightmare on California Street"!  This plan of yours has classroom budget cuts, slashing the elderly and stabbing wildfire crew budgets – its death to California parks. This is Hollywood at its best! Who needs writers when you have this kind of action?  
I am not sure I have a plan that is better than yours…yet.  But now that we see the worst-case scenario, I am sure we can put our heads together (ALL of California), instead of butting them together, and balance in peace and harmony.