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Published:January 19th, 2008 21:05 EST
Senator John McCain Sways SC

Senator John McCain Sways SC

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

If the past predicts the future, Senator McCain is well on his way to the Whitehouse.  Since 1980, South Carolinians have named the Republican presidential nominee.  This is particularly sweet to McCain following his stinging loss to Bush in 2000.  However, the tide has changed and McCain is now in a strong, front-runner position.

Former Arkansas Governor and preacher, Mike Huckabee, managed a close second place with 30% of the vote.  Huckabee is likely down-hearted.  He was certain his evangelical base would embrace his bass guitar, fried squirrel on a popcorn popper and his affection for Elvis-- not so fast in SC.  Huckabee, in spite of his last-minute mass mailing in which a one dollar bill was clearly visible, could not aw-shucks his way to victory.

Fred Thompson placed 3rd in the race with a disappointing 16%.  However, he inched by Mitt Romney by a precious percentage point.

Romney, who received the endorsement of Bob Jones University, hoped the connection would wrap him with warmth; however, BJU carries much less influence than the average politician comprehends.  Likely, Romney would have faired better without the endorsement.

Despite a dedicated and committed SC organization, Texas Congressman Ron Paul failed to court the vote.  With only a 4% showing, it is likely he will withdraw his name from the race.  If he makes it to Florida, it may be his last stand.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani barely made the SC cut.  With just 2% of the primary vote, his entire campaign looks to Florida.  Giuliani placed all his eggs in the Florida basket and a loss there will be a fatal blow to his campaign.

Duncan Hunter is out following SC.  He withdrew saying, “The failure of our campaign to gain traction is mine and mine alone.”