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Published:January 24th, 2008 18:01 EST
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but my name will never hurt me! Your friend, Barack Hussein Obama

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but my name will never hurt me! Your friend, Barack Hussein Obama

By Will Roberts

Now I told you folks that I would run to the defense of my candidate of choice (Obama), so . . .  Charge! Ok, so I guess the debates the other night with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the white guy is all the talk of the town now. Miss Clinton is saying that Obama is running scared and Mr. Clinton is saying that he just might be a better dancer than Obama and Obama is saying "Too Many Clintons, to little time! And the white guy (Edwards) is saying, what about throwing a bone to this dog.   Now I watched the debates and I did not see the same as the analyst did. They showed their fancy little meters that gauged how well each candidate did and at what point they didn't address. When all was said and done the highest LOW was the bickering between Barack, Hillary, and Bill… (In spirit).  Seems they say, "Folks really don't want to see that, Right!"  Wrong!

Here we are in the world of reality TV Galore! We make anything we can into real life TV because folks these days would rather see the backside of folks life then the front. If you don't think for a moment that network folks don't cover this event to bring you the smut first and the facts second, then you don't know TV folks. The media would rather see a scenario of these candidates stuck on a desert Island, with a toothbrush, some raw meat and just their laurels to rest on any day. Stating what the candidates have done well with their political careers would defeat the purpose of politics and reality TV. Anyhow, Obama and Clinton are getting so deep in this that Bill Clinton has grabbed a glove and is punching in as well. He is throwing some big punches at Obama. He is jabbing and sucker punching him trying to discredit anything he can to make Obama look like a lightweight. In the most recent debate Obama even said, "Sometimes I wonder which Clinton I am running against?

Now has it been that long that folks have forgotten the story of Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinsky? Are a saxaphone and a pretty face blinding folks? I guess it might be a sign of our times that folks would give star status to a person who lied and cheated on his wife, that is just good reality TV, I guess?  Do we need to rehash the facts so that folks can understand the source of the smut? I understand that folks are real taken with what Mr. Clinton did when he was in oval office. But out of office, he just might be discrediting not only a fine candidate (Obama) but his own party as well.  Just for the record Mr. Clinton, the word impeached might sounds warm and fussy to you, but some of us that think morals should be a qualification of a good president it is just another word for LYING. When I was traveling in NYC last week I was totally amazed how many folks I heard say, “If the Clintons get into office" . . .

News flash: you only get ONE Clinton in office, it is not a package deal!   I will skip all my comments of having a couple running the country for a later date and more space on the page. I will only state one thing for the record, I work with my significant other and it has changed my life and biz forever. . .

While we are clearing the air we might as well clear you're in box in your email as well. I hear tell that folks are receiving emails about Obama's personal background that just are not true. Here are some of the rumors that you might see:

That he is a Muslim, that he was sworn in to Congress on the Quran, and that he refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Now I would say right out that, these rumors are not true and folks would be intelligent enough not to follow ANYTHING they found on the Internet. However, in speaking with folks across the USA, EVEN my own father and they all say look at his middle name (Hussein) and you will see what we mean.  I hear folks talking about whether it is a Gender issue or a color issue with the Democratic race. Seems to me that the Republicans are sitting and watching the Democrats cut their own throat and Democrats don't think you will get any support from the Republicans. They would just assume you Democrats cut each other enough that you bleed RED all over the place.

So listen up Democrats, we look for the best in our candidates and although we might let you slide with lack of experience or a small lie or two, we cannot excuse being a child. Stay on point, focus, stick to the facts and lead the party, don't bleed it!