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Published:January 29th, 2008 17:14 EST
The checks in the mail! Mr. Bush

The checks in the mail! Mr. Bush

By Will Roberts

Now all I know is what I hear from the President, in the State of the Union.

Now if you did not tune into the State of the Union you really did not miss much.  Here is a reader`s digest version.

When they announced the President of the United States, all the folks in the hall raised to there feet and at that moment, I realized that this is where the 33% approval rating was hanging out.

The President stressed more money for the vets; of course, he created more solders that need that help.

He talked about funding low-income folks getting funds to attend private school. What a way to support the public schools MR. President.

Mr. Bush touched on earmarks and the fact that he will veto any and all that comes across his desk that are not talked about and gone over with a fine toothed comb. He has learned his lesson, with the 54,977 earmarks worth $106 billion that he passed already. 

Remember folks, you can`t make a silk purse from a sow`s ear, unless it comes from presidential pork! 

The most beneficial thing about this speech is that it allowed Republicans to get some good leg exercises in, Up down Up down " and the applause created a cardio work out. And the Democrats well, they got a good nap in.      

Most of what the President did was pass the torch, but with the state of our COUNTRY, it is more like passing of the bond fire that`s out of control. "I will sit here for another 300 something days, but I will let you know that it is all in your hands.  Good luck, I am going fishing."   I cant image that the President is not looking at the rest of his time in office as like a member of survivor and he is just waiting to get off this island, ON HIS own accord and not having the American people vote him off.

Democrats did not make much movement in last nights address, but that has been pretty much the same range of motion they have had since they took over congress, minimal to none.  But as I have always said, when the democrats got congress we were moving into the 2008 Presidential elections. Now, if you look at it that way it makes the democrats look pretty smart.  Would you want to do ANYTHING in congress until the 2008 elections are over?  Not on your life. One false move and they run the risk of making a mistake and costing the 2008 seat in the White House. Democrats are just biding time in their seats until they are sure a Democratic President is firmly rooted in the White House lawn. 

This here address, speech, talking to, was really no more than a laundry list of thing that Mr. Bush wanted us to know he was going to get around too, or is still around to get after, maybe sometime before his last day. When all it did really was, remind us Americans that we have an awful lot of dirty laundry we are airing out and the rest of the world knows it.

The other big-ER story of the union address had NOTHNG to do with Bush at all. Sometimes I think the media attends these events to see what all the OTHER people are doing at the event " AKA " Tabloid smut, mainly on the count of Bush is old news and the BIG news is Obama and Clinton. Looks like the media folks are trying to find something interesting in yesterday`s speech so they decided to focus on the Democrat front-runners doing a walk-by of each other.

I have told you folks this before and I will say it again, Photojournalists will set the camera to rapidity shoot your picture and end up using the one that makes you look your worst and will create a whole story about it making you look bad, and have the picture to back it up.

Overall, I don`t know how much I will ultimately blame Bush for the economy crashing the way it is and will in the final days in office. This Harvard Business graduate worked the numbers the best he could. It is not everyday you throw a trillion dollar war in the mix and hope you can balance the budget. C for effort and F for clever solutions. I however, may be the only person at this time that will be as kind with his grades. But you don`t need to be an economist to figure out these numbers: Approval rating was at it highest 50% and at it lowest now, is 31%, the math is easy.