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Published:January 31st, 2008 15:40 EST
Petition launched by

Petition launched by

By SOP newswire

Manassas, VA, Jan. 32/Christian Newswire/ -- The new independent website,, has launched a petition to protest the treatment of Congressman Ron Paul on last night's Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

CNN, The Politico, and The Los Angeles Times--the debate sponsors--invited Ron Paul to participate. But then the moderator, CNN's Anderson Cooper, snubbed Paul and cut him off from participating in most of the debate. Paul was allowed only a couple of "cameo" appearances.

"Anderson Cooper's style of 'managed news' belongs in Russia or China, not the U.S.," says David Franke, Editor of

The petition adds: "Even the reporters for one of the sponsors, the Los Angeles Times, noted how Ron Paul was 'often left out.'"

The petition to the debate sponsors demands an apology to Congressman Paul, the barring of CNN's Anderson Cooper from moderating any future debates, and inclusion and fair treatment for Ron Paul in the future.

"Can't the U.S. media do better?" the petition asks.

The petition may be accessed at

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