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Published:January 31st, 2008 03:54 EST
Work Against Christians, Clinton and Obama

Work Against Christians, Clinton and Obama

By Leon (Producer) Leon

The following is an opinion written by Steve Krotoski:

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama publicly say they are Christians and talk about faith, but how come they consistently vote against Christianity? America was founded as a Christian nation. The Bible shows our responsibility to God is to vote for those who seek God's righteousness, whether presidential candidates, governors, senators, representatives or anyone else. We are not to vote for people who disobey God's commands (John 14:21, Proverbs 29:2).

As an individual I present these facts based on what the candidates have done.

Even though homosexuality is a great sin, Clinton and Obama vote and lobby for laws to promote homosexuality over Christian rights. The voting record shows Democrats are primarily the ones who try to pass these homosexual laws against the teaching of Jesus. In fact, these are lopsided laws against Christians and families.

How far can these laws go? In the City of Oakland government, it is against the law to use the words "natural family", "marriage", and "family values". If you do, you get fired. But you can talk about homosexuality. Is this what the founders of America wanted? Of coarse not.

Recently, both Clinton and Obama said they would have second graders read about two gay kings. Obama has toured with a gay "minister" and a Christian singer. Clinton and Obama's talk of faith appears to make Christians believe they would help Christians and be concerned about following Jesus. But Clinton's and Obama's actions show they do not fear or love the Lord (John 14:21). Have either said, Jesus Christ is Lord and we must follow all God's commands in the Bible? How could a Christian support these candidates?

In addition, Clinton and Obama actively support laws to kill babies (abortion). On top of this, much of abortion is done using our government's money. Recently, Clinton and Obama supported expanding partial birth abortion. In partial birth abortion, the living baby is partially delivered, then his or her head is cut with his or her brain sucked out, killing the baby. Then the baby is completely pulled out and thrown away. Knowing this, Clinton and Obama promote that America needs this. How could we think of current abortion supporters making righteous decisions?

Another way Clinton and Obama desire to limit Christianity is by limiting Christians' free speech in the media. This is through the "Fairness"" Doctrine. The "Fairness" Doctrine is a lopsided idea that would limit Christians and Christian values proponents in speaking about God and righteousness.

Also, both Bill and Hillary Clinton say they have and will work close together. Let's look back at Bill Clinton's presidency. Bill put gays in the military, strongly promoted partial birth abortion which was described earlier, and appointed Jocelyn Elders who brought greater sexual immorality to schools. And just recently, a Bill Clinton appointed judge stopped the Gideons from distributing Bibles at schools as they have done for decades. George Washington said, "What students would learn in American schools above all is the religion of Jesus Christ" and "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible". How can Bill Clinton's actions be righteous?

Of coarse, God offers forgiveness. Any candidate or you or me can be forgiven by calling on Jesus to forgive us because of His sacrifice for our sins. Then we can follow Jesus' teachings in the Bible. It is just that Clinton and Obama have not repented. Many of these items were done in the last few weeks and months. How can they say they follow Jesus?

Also, a Mormon is not a Christian. Mormon's views are unBiblical.

This leaves two other possible candidates for president: Mike Huckabee and John McCain. What we do know about their faiths is Mike Huckabee has made his faith public and talks about a real relationship with Jesus.

So what do we do? Before we vote, we should ask which candidates/issues God wants. And with 80% of Americans saying they are Christians, I would like to ask you to join me in two key areas. Let's 1) Pray daily for a righteous president, governors, senate and all representatives of American government, and 2) Ask God who He would like us to vote for.

Jesus says if we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things (economy, protection, health...) will be given to us (Matthew 6:33). The economy is not the issue; the economy will follow God's blessing on righteousness. America was founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Christians, we must fear the Lord and not man.

Steve Krotoski is the author of "The Kingdom: Experiencing Heaven on Earth", As a friend to the whole church, Steve explains powerful Biblical truths through TV, radio, and the Internet, including how to walk closely with God and apply God's Kingdom laws.

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