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Published:February 1st, 2008 14:04 EST
Obama and Clinton, That's the ticket, yea...!

Obama and Clinton, That's the ticket, yea...!

By Will Roberts

Well it seems that we may have reached a turning point in the Democratic campaign last night. Senators Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama turned to each other and the Democratic Party instead of turning up their noses at each other.

At one point, I thought the two candidates were going to high five, which is better than the high sign.  Maybe it was due in part that the debate was held in Hollywood, California. Maybe it was because it is just down to two candidates and there is no longer anyone to separate them from an all out brawl. Or maybe they finally realized that they are not the only party and that the republicans are the ones they should have been going after in the first place. Either way, things seemed to have gone swimmingly this time around.

Now I don't know about you folks, but in the beginning of the debate, I was a little nervous about the fact that they were both seated so close to each other.  I half expected to see some fencing; you know similar to what you would see in an ultimate fighting event. After all, it was Hollywood home of the lights, camera and action city! What was different about tinsel town last night is that all the stars seemed to be out, in one room, acting civil, which proves you can have the Hollywood untouchables in one room, even if it is not about them.  I did see something that slightly bothered me that I have never really thought of until this debate. It was a moment when everyone seemed to be agreeing on some point to do with President Bush. By the way, want a neat party trick?   If you want to unify a large group of people, just talk about President Bush-- that always seems to do it. Ok sorry, back to my point!

So all were agreeing on something and applauding something of one of the candidates and, as the thunderous applause broke out; and, at the moment they cut to a shot of Ugly Betty star clapping, she was wearing a Hillary button.  There is one issue, OTHER than the fact that they call the program UGLY Betty, but that I will deal with later. 

The fact that they reinforced candidate creditability with a star on camera and a support button seems wrong to me. Endorsements drive every know product and certainly drive Hollywood itself. But let's make it clear that what a Hollywood star does on their off-screen LIFE and the their on-screen LIFE is normally and, sometimes, drastically different. To sway folks to vote for a candidate of change based on an actors who spend their lives changing into something different each day is just not right. Any decision to make a choice based purely on what something looks like without checking into it and how it works, is like buying a used car that has a new paint job and shinny rims. Looks great but does it run? You won't know 'till you kick the tires and take it for a test drive.  As much as our candidates look for folks to endorse them, the folks we should consider as credible should be the folks in the areas we feel are important to the issues; and, unless they are being nominated for a SAG award, let’s leave Hollywood out of this one.  Well now, enough of all of that.

I want to pass by you folks an epiphany I had the other day. I was at the Obama rally here is Phoenix, AZ. I could go on and on about this whole experience, but I will wait and give it its own full, blank piece of paper at a later date. All I will tell you is, if you ever wanted to get the sensation of walking on water, this was the event for you. The thousands of folks there were energized to be there and, when Obama walked out, we all became electrified. By the end, we were enlightened. We could have lit the city for the next 10 years … But, here is what I noticed: Of the thousands of folks that were there to see Obama, I am guessing that 50% were 30 – 70 years old, the other 50% were young folks, kids, teens, 20s; and, they were all fired up to meet this man. The man of change. Here is what dawned on me, where as Gorge Bush and all the rest of the politicians ON BOTH SIDES have turned the American voters off from voting, ("My vote does not matter.")

Obama has reached down to the young folks, gotten them to become present, and COUNTED for. If we elect this candidate, we not only gain a qualified president, but a unified country. For the past 20 so years, we have become victims of our government. Sitting on the sidelines hoping, or losing hope, that things would work out-- and they have not.

If Obama becomes president, we will usher in a new generation of interactive voters. The children are our future; and, if we don't elect him, I fear we will lose even more of the heart of our country, not just the young at heart, THE YOUNG will lose their heart for our country. I really do wish that Hillary had the younger audience as well, but she does not. They say that we all work to be better than our parents. But, what they don't tell us is that it is our job as the parent to set our kids on that path.

The last Democratic debate was exciting to see these two fine candidates agree on at least one thing, and that was that whichever way voters went, the party would follow what the PEOPLE of the United States want! If you think that the Super Bowl is a great ticket event, hang on to your playbooks, Patriots!  Wait and see if it does not wind up being: Clinton and Obama OR Obama and Client.

Not just the dream team . . . THE TEAM!