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Published:February 6th, 2008 15:43 EST
Man's Best Friend  A tail of the UNDER-dogs on Super Tuesday

Man's Best Friend A tail of the UNDER-dogs on Super Tuesday

By Will Roberts

(Transcription of Audio Podcast)

Now I did not mean to offend the woman with my title, however, every time I ask a woman what type of dog do they have, they answer "The best kind, A CAT!"  Anyhow, since I am on the subject of woman . . . Let`s talk about Super Tuesday, Lady`s first.  Hillary Clinton is my first of the three UNDER-Dogs in this 2008 Presidential election. It seems pretty clear that we are no longer in a race on either side of the isle. Regardless of what anyone thinks (Pollster, Analyst). About where a candidate is or what position they are in this election, these candidates have made a choice to keep going until they drop or we push them out. This makes the 2008 elections more of a spend fest then it does a race.

Sorry, SPENDING so much time on this election I can hardly PAY attention anymore. Where was I, Right! Hillary, for more than the obvious reasons, she is female, this makes her an UNDER-dog. When you consider that she has worked her whole career in a world of men, not just men, men with BIG high prices jobs and even bigger egos that don`t really want a strong, professional, knowable FEMALE politician telling them what to do.  On top of the fact through thick and thin she has kept her composure with all her husbands` follies in and out of the . . . Whitehouse.  Plus, she shoulders the weight of the world for woman by default. With all these stumbling blocks, I am surprised she can even walk let alone run for the highest office in America and she is doing it with style. They say that behind every great man is a woman and I say woman are tired of walking in the shadow of men and picking up their p. . . piece. As long as she keeps herself in the front and her husband in the back room, alone, with the no talking rule in effect, she just might be able to clean house and get us organized.  Do I totally support her, no not totally, then again, I never listen to my mother growing up either, and I turned out okay, I guess. 

Obama, not much I can say about this Super Tuesday surprise that a few million folks would not travel half way around the world to tell you.  He is electrifying and leads us "to be the best we want to be!"  Where other candidates read from a card when they speak to us, he reads from his heart. He is my second UNDER " Dog and for all his outward stumbling blocks, he is. He is black, sorry afro-America, he is young, inexperienced, he has shown us that even if he is not the 2008 democratic presidential candidate, we will still demand a change. Last night we got that change. Weeks earlier, he was 20 points behind Hillary and today they walk side by side and inch close to a rocky balboa finish of this incredible election.

On an interesting note, we have been talking about this election and that it has moved beyond the voters going with a candidate or not going with them for race or gender. We have even polled them and they have become enraged that we would even ask that. However, every time the state California, Texas or boarder states are brought up, media will say, "well that will go with. Blah blah because the Hispanics will not go with a black candidate. Would this not be a race (color) issue? And if it is so, why is this.  Now I have my thoughts on this subject and how the big boys in our country have driven this but I will save that for another day, but don`t you let it go.

Will Rogers used to say, "I am not a member of any organized party, and I am a Democrat!"  In the past year or so, I have been blathering on about the Republican`s did this wrong and the Republican`s were caught doing this, and not much of my extra sharp #2 pencil have poked fun at the Democrats. Now this has made a lot of my Republican friends (we all have a few) a little angry at me and they have even gone as far as calling me names, like: Democrat, Liberal. . and I will tell you all the same thing. "I am not a member of an organized party that is why I am independent, until one of the parties gets organized!"

Now let`s move to the Republicans, McCain, under- dog number three. He is a Republican in a time when even Republican are sure they want to be republican, he is not liked by his party, and even his own mother does not think he has a chance. I heard a sound bite from an interview they had with his 91-year-old mother and she went on to say that even if he were elected, his party would not be behind him. Then there is the question of age, his age 71. Although this race is not about race, or gender, does age come into play? They did a poll and asked Americans if they would vote for a candidate over 70 and a good bunch of folks said NO! So the question is, is it an age issue or age concern? In the light of all that folks hold against McCain, he has still managed to hold true blue an American. Down to earth, no flowery speeches and I believe no promises he does not intent to keep. He of all the candidates has had the hardest hurdle(s) to over come. A current administration that has made it next to impossible to stand behind a fellow Republican, in fear they might get into trouble and just point down party to the next man in line. Statistics also show that it is the Democrats turn in office to foul things up and finally a war that lingers on; right or wrong it is the Republican`s albatross to wear.

Well that is it, good luck to all of the candidates, for I would not want to be in their shoes. I will stick to my cowboy boots comfortable and ready to step in a little bull. Unlike you candidates that have to swim in it, constantly!

Will Roberts
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