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Published:February 15th, 2008 07:51 EST
Jane Fonda, the 'C***' Word, and Hillary's Campaign

Jane Fonda, the 'C***' Word, and Hillary's Campaign

By John Lillpop


Jane Fonda`s reputation as a reprehensible traitor and left wing thug has been well chronicled for nearly 40 years. The behavior of this wretched vermin during the Vietnam War should have lead to her arrest and deportation to North Vietnam for permanent enslavement by the communist murderers with whom she conspired against brave American men and women in harm`s way.

Unfortunately, Hanoi Jane survived her war on America and is still a poster child for the communist party in America. Albeit, she now comes with multiple layers of wrinkles and sans the beauty marks of 40 years ago, but to Hollywood and Democrats she is still a heroine.

At least that was the case until February 14, when Fonda knocked out the power at NBC News with a violation of FCC rules that should be treated as an actionable felony, punishable by arrest and consignment to Guantanamo Bay for the rest of her miserable, liberal life.

During a live production of the "Today Show," beamed to scores of millions of Americans and God himself, Fonda dropped a "C" bomb while attempting to be witty about "V-Day," the feminist denigration of Victory Day celebrated in 1945 to commemorate the end of World War II.


Fonda and trash-mouthed feminists of her ilk have remade V-Day into "Vagina Monologues," to celebrate left-wing pornography, which is peddled as comprehensible only to elitists sophisticated enough to look beyond the vulgarity and anti-Americanism in order to see sexual freedom and spirituality.

Reports indicate that millions of American viewers misinterpreted Fonda`s "C***" bomb as an endorsement of the Hillary Clinton campaign, although the veracity of those reports cannot be confirmed.

About the only positive things coming from Fonda`s faux pau is the fact that, with one idiotic misspeak, Fonda set back the feminist movement 30 years, and reminded everyone why Hillary Clinton would be an awful choice for president.

And that`s a good thing!