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Published:February 23rd, 2008 07:13 EST
Contest between Republican Despair and Democratic Energy

Contest between Republican Despair and Democratic Energy

By SOP newswire

Every time I turn on the T.V., open a newspaper, or listen to the radio, it all boils down to this: 2008 will be a contest between Republican despair and Democratic energy.

2008 has barely set sail, and already Republicans are jumping ship. So far, nearly 30 Republicans have decided not to seek another term in Congress -- the highest number in 50 years.

Republican House members like Ray LaHood -- hightailing out of Congress himself -- have called this Republican mass-exodus "devastating." And that's because they know what a boatload of Republicans leaving Congress really is -- an extraordinary opportunity for people like us to fill the open seats they leave behind with tough, change-oriented Democrats.

To make sure those open seats translate to big wins for Democrats and big change for America, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an all-out Open to Change Campaign, and we're counting on your support to make it a success. We are just $24,318 away from our goal of $300,000. Can you help put us over the top?

Donate now to the DCCC's Open to Change Campaign and your gift will be matched.

It's no wonder that nearly 30 Republican runaways are scrambling for Congress' exits. You see, they know, as well as you and I do, that their loyal support of the Bush administration, throughout its incompetence, failure, and deceit, makes them virtually unelectable.

As a former chairman of the DCCC, I can tell you that the DCCC already has a rock-solid plan in the works to replace those Bush-Cheney loyalists with Democrats who want to move our country in a new direction. We're actively recruiting candidates, training staff, organizing volunteers and conducting issues research in open seats across the country.

But, we need your support to give our Open to Change Campaign the resources it needs to have a dramatic impact, nation-wide.

Let's turn our energy into victory. Donate now to the Open to Change Campaign.

I hope I can count on you to join us in our Open to Change Campaign as we harness that energy, turn it into broad victories that strengthen the Democratic majority in the House, and revitalize America.

If anything's going to be "devastating," let's make sure it's Republican losses in 2008.