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Published:March 2nd, 2008 19:20 EST
Barack Obama Shouldn't Select Hillary Clinton As His Running Mate

Barack Obama Shouldn't Select Hillary Clinton As His Running Mate

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Senior Democratic strategists, many of whom had previously panned talk of a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket, are now talking up the idea of a ticket headed by Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton as his running mate."

-Quotation from U.S News & World Report

If Texas turns out to be Hillary's Alamo and she drops out of the race, she needs to return to the Senate to repair her reputation by working diligently and tirelessly for her constituents.

Americans have fallen in love with Obama because he represents a clean break from the past. We've had enough of Bush ineptitude and Clinton deviousness.

If Obama chooses Hillary as his running mate, he will be adding a dead weight, not gravitas, to his presidential aspirations. Hillary has more baggage than Southwest Airlines, and Obama should kick her and her baggage to the curb.

Obama needs to select a vice-president with genuine experience, says Sen. Chris Dodd, and not Hillary and her faux experience of serving as First Lady.

Hillary's race baiting and scare mongering have disqualified her from being Obama's running mate.

America needs to put an emphatic end to the Clinton dynasty; I beg Sen. Obama to distance himself from the Clintons.