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Published:March 2nd, 2008 19:28 EST
Hillary Clinton Isn't A Feminist Hero

Hillary Clinton Isn't A Feminist Hero

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hillary Clinton likes to portray herself as a feminist hero; she claims that if she secures the Democratic nomination and wins the general election it will be a victory for women.

If Hillary manages to steal the election, it will be a defeat for women. She will be like the wife who takes over her husband's company when he dies. Hillary is a viable candidate only because she is the spouse of a former president. It is the "Clinton brand name" that has brought her to the exalted position she enjoys today.

Hillary Rodham wouldn't be elected dogcatcher; she doesn't have the charisma, experience or eloquence to win the presidency on her own merit. Without the Clinton surname, Hillary is just a cackling, vain and delusional wannabe big shot.

Hillary isn't a feminist hero; she stood by her man as he deposited his DNA in every available female receptacle. Hillary doesn't represent the women of today; she represents the doormat of yesterday.

I don't like Condi's politics, but she is more of a feminist than Hillary. Condi didn't reach the heights of political power by hanging on to a husband's coattails.

Parents shouldn't tell their daughters that Hillary is an example of how they can succeed in life. Hillary will give our daughters the idea that the road to success entails marrying a rich and powerful husband and putting up with all his shenanigans.

For the good of America and for the good of feminism, I hope Barack Obama beats Hillary Clinton.