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Published:March 10th, 2008 09:35 EST
Natalie Portman: Criticism Of Hillary Clinton Rooted In Sexism?

Natalie Portman: Criticism Of Hillary Clinton Rooted In Sexism?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Actress Natalie Portman believes that some of the criticism directed towards Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is rooted in sexism.

'A lot of the stuff people say about her, I hear and my stomach falls because it's so sexist. You ask people why they don't like her and it's because her husband cheated on her! That was obviously not her choice,' US magazine quoted the actress as saying in the April issue of Elle." (Quotation from

Natalie Portman needs to keep her day job, she's a gifted actress but a lousy political pundit. It may not have been Hillary's choice for her hubby to sleep with every bimbo within sniffing distance of the Oval Office, but it was her choice to be a doormat and stay married.

It's not sexist to attack Hillary for falsely claiming that she has 35 years of experience. As First Lady, she may have enjoyed tea and cookies with the spouses of foreign leaders, but that didn't prepare her for the rigors of being commander-in-chief.

It's not sexist to criticize Hillary for her "kitchen sink" strategy of undermining Barack Obama. She is doing John McCain's job by weakening her opponent. She's even gone as far as stating that McCain and she have much more foreign policy experience than Obama. McCain should hire Hillary as his communications director.

It's not sexist to lambaste Hillary for distorting Obama's record. The former First Lady has misrepresented Obama's views on health care and the Iraq war: two of the most critical issues facing America.

It's not sexist to ridicule Hillary's penchant for wearing pantsuits; Sen. John Edwards was blasted for his expensive haircuts.

It's not sexist to condemn Hillary for failing to keep her husband from sabotaging her campaign. What's to say that he won't sabotage her foreign policy as a Goodwill Ambassador?

It's not sexist to make fun of Hillary for cackling like a witch on crack; the foibles and idiosyncrasies of candidates have always been fair game.

We don't hate Hillary Clinton because she's a woman, but because she is a wretched human being.