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Published:March 12th, 2008 12:19 EST
Car Bomb Explodes at Citizens Security Force Headquarters

Car Bomb Explodes at Citizens Security Force Headquarters

By SOP newswire

A car bomb exploded at a “Sons of Iraq” headquarters building in Duluyiah, Iraq, yesterday, killing seven Iraqis and injuring 11 others.

A member of the local security group fired at the driver of the explosive-loaded pick-up truck, but the driver was able to detonate the bomb.

Elsewhere in Iraq yesterday, U.S. Special Forces soldiers in Kut destroyed a vehicle transporting weapons and explosives. Iraqi security forces were patrolling in the city and attacked. They requested assistance from a nearby U.S. Special Forces unit. Several enemy fighters were killed, and two vehicles carrying machine guns were destroyed.

Near the site, forces saw a van re-arming the enemy and placing improvised explosive devices. The Special Forces unit called in a precision bomb from a coalition aircraft to destroy the van.

(Compiled from Multinational Corps Iraq releases.)