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Published:March 17th, 2008 13:00 EST
Barack Obama Does Not Know Wright from Wrong!

Barack Obama Does Not Know Wright from Wrong!

By John Lillpop

Barack Obama has campaigned relentlessly about the urgent need for "change" to break up the network of corrupt old men and women (Hillary) who work in the shadows for lobbyists and interests other than those of the average American.

Over and over again, he has pounded Hillary Clinton for being a part of the Washington establishment, for supporting the war on terror in the Iraq theater, and for not being truthful.

At the same time, Obama has championed himself as the agent of change, a man who will break the mold of corrupt, dishonest politicians and who will be honest with the American people. He promises transparency and openness, instead of stealth and secrecy.

Millions of Americans have bought into Obama's change mantra and have made the charismatic senator from Illinois one of three finalists for the U.S. presidency.

Change, it seems, is what the people crave in 2008.

But is Barack Obama any different that the ordinary, garden variety of politician that haunts Washington these days?

Is he really serious about change, or is the change he savors limited to changing the name of the first family from Bush to Obama?

The later seems the most likely, as Obama bobs and weaves around his association with the not- so- reverent Reverend Jeremiah Wright, more famous for his anti-American and racist rants than for spreading the Good News that the Christian gospel is supposed to be all about.

According to Reverend Wright, the United States deserved the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and should be referred to as the USKKKA.

Most distressing is the fact that in dealing with the Wright firestorm, Barack Obama is using the very same tactics and strategy one would expect from Hillary Clinton.

Namely, deny and delay.

In the most pathetic political meltdown in at least two weeks, Obama has all but dumped the body of Reverend Wright into the Potomac River, encapsulated in cement for safe keeping and quick sinking.

"Wright who?" feigns Obama, as he attempts to convince a skeptical world that he never even heard a Reverend Wright sermon that one might consider controversial.

Is that double-talking nonsense the sort of change that you want America to elect in November, Mr. Obama?

Thanks, but no thanks.

Barack Obama is clearly wrong about Wright and wrong for America!