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Published:March 19th, 2008 12:15 EST
Freddy Krueger of American Politics

Freddy Krueger of American Politics

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sen. Hillary Clinton is a monster -- a hideous creature who is almost impossible to kill. She's survived more near-death experiences than Jason and Freddy Krueger put together. Hillary has more scandals than a dog has fleas and ticks; she overcame a string of twelve consecutive losses, and she remains a semi-viable candidate despite her meddling race-baiting husband.

Sen. Barack Obama has more pledged delegates, won twice as many states, leads in the popular poll and in the national polls, but Hillary acts as if she is the frontrunner, graciously inviting Obama to be her vice-president.

Why is Hillary so optimistic when all the signs point to a humiliating defeat? Because she is as evil as Freddy Krueger; social conventions, laws and morality don't play any part in her machinations.

The former First Lady has publicly stated that she will woo delegates who are pledged to Obama and she is trying to seat the Michigan delegates eventhough Obama's name did not appear in the Michigan ballot.

But the kitchen sink strategy that Hillary employed in the weeks before the Ohio and Texas primaries gives us the best glimpse into her devious mind.

The infamous red phone ad has been criticized as fear mongering at its worst, but it's also a prime example of race baiting. It's three a.m. and we see cute white children sleeping safely in their beds, but then the ominous red phone rings! The subliminal message that plays to the latent fears of some Americans is that we can't trust a black man to protect our reposing innocents.

Nightmare on Elm Street has had a hundred sequels (or so it seems), can the infernal monster finally be put to death? Hillary Clinton has come back from the dead after Iowa and after her string of losses in February, can she finally be defeated?

If we don't' want to endure an eight year Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave, all of us who love democracy must make sure that Hillary doesn't get away with stealing the Democratic nomination.