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Published:March 19th, 2008 12:12 EST

Will New York Governor Paterson See the Error of His Ways?

By John Lillpop


How utterly clever of the great state of New York, having just expunged all manners of decadence and moral rot from the governor's mansion following the abbreviated, but hilarious, term of Eliot Spitzer, to turn around and install another defective Democrat.

This time, the Democrat at issue is David Paterson who is legally blind, and given his liberal sentiments, completely lacking in vision as well.

By the way, what in the hell does "legally blind" mean? Are there people roaming around with seeing-eye dogs and colored canes who are "illegally" blind?

Only in New York, I suppose. All of them Democrats, no doubt.

But back to New York's latest flawed governor. Besides his impaired vision, the new governor apparently has the moral values of an alley cat, another major indicator for any Democrat who has his eyes, regardless of how impotent, set on higher sights.

In Paterson's case, it turns out that he was involved in an adulterous relationship with a woman other than with his lovely wife Michelle.

Brilliant political strategist that he is, Governor Paterson waited until after being officially sworn in before disclosing his adulterous wanderings to the public.

One can but imagine the dismay of Democrat Party officials who sighed a huge, collective sigh of relief as the U-Haul trucks pulled away from the governor's mansion with what remains of Eliot Spitzer's unseemly life in tow, only to discover that David Paterson was replacing Spitzer's sins with mountains of his own, equally- soiled laundry.

But David Paterson is not just your average blind and morally corrupt Democrat. He is also, in fact, a gifted comic, made obvious when he proudly announced that he did NOT use state or campaign money to pay for those adulterous sexual trysts, and that those affairs produced no love child whom New York tax payers would be obligated to support for the next eighteen years.

NY Daily News:

Those revelations must have calmed a lot of queasy stomachs in and about Albany, New York!

Of course even with his impaired sight, most Democrats would content that Paterson is leaps and bounds ahead of Dubya Bush when it comes to that "vision thing."

Paterson's greatest strength is that he is both African-American and blind, major pluses for any Democrat seeking higher office, especially the U.S. presidency. Imagine, for a moment, a blind Barack Obama, and the mind boggles at the potential.

Diversity, after all, is our greater asset and Paterson has been endowed with two qualifying dandies.