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Published:March 21st, 2008 10:57 EST
Bill Richardson Endorses Barack Obama

Bill Richardson Endorses Barack Obama

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is endorsing Barack Obama`s presidential bid, calling him `the kind of once-in-a-lifetime leader that can bring our nation together and restore America`s moral leadership in the world.`

Richardson`s announcement, scheduled for today at a campaign event in Portland, Oregon, may give a boost to the Illinois senator`s battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Richardson, 60, dropped out of the presidential race in January. His backing may help Obama in the Hispanic community, where Clinton has had the edge in this year`s primaries."

Quotation from Bloomberg.Com

Usually political endorsements don`t carry much weight, but Richardson`s endorsement is important for several reasons.

First of all it takes the media spotlight away from the Rev. Wright controversy, which has hurt the Obama campaign.

Richardson`s endorsement is meaningful because he is very familiar with both Obama and Hillary. Richardson got to know Obama very well during his short-lived presidential run, and the governor of New Mexico served under the Bill Clinton administration as energy secretary and United Nations ambassador.

Richardson is a prime example that the Latino vote is not a monolithic block enamored with Hillary. This Hispanic columnist as well as many of my Latino friends are Obama supporters.

Richardson is spot on, Obama is a once-in-a-lifetime leader with the eloquence, good judgment, charisma and wisdom to bring our nation together.

Obama has the potential to be another John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King; I hope the American people give him a chance to fulfill his destiny.