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Published:March 28th, 2008 11:28 EST
Humdingers - Crimes of love, Crimes of Passion - Sex, Crimes of Race

Humdingers - Crimes of love, Crimes of Passion - Sex, Crimes of Race

By Will Roberts

Los Angeles, CA - I was in Utah, Nevada and California in these last two weeks. And while I was gone, our great politicians slipped in some humdingers. Crimes of love, crimes of passion - sex, crimes of race, all subject to interpretation. I am convinced that these politicians slipped in this much - love for our country - while I was away, because they know that this much Washington follies act they got going on will keep this cowboy humorist in business for long time. 

Now I am going to do my best to keep this week - or two weeks news review as short as the daily attacks on Senators Obama and Hillary Clinton from each other. Now like I said earlier, California was one of my stops, however, I mostly drove though it and did not stop.  And for the first time in a long time the gas prices did not look so high in the west coast, mainly on the count that the rest of the country was high as well and the fact that the prices change in some places by the hour. Now I was in California to pick up a car. I traded my two SUV`s for a Toyota Prius, hence changing my foot step on this planet. One small step away from global warming, one giant leap away from the gas station. But I have to admit that being a cowboy and having just enough ego. . . 

I cannot part with my Dually pickup truck. After all, I have 7 mechanical bulls and a whole lot of cowboy stuff that just wont fit in the Prius. But if diesel gets worst, I guess I could slap a set of horns on my Prius and gitty up. Now you know there are places you can check your global footprint (bootprint) for me. And recalculating after this buy it looks like our Prius and the Dually might just even out to a mini van and here is one: - go see what sort of step you all are making.
Ok, let`s get to the news... now normally I will make you all wait till the end to talk about our democratic dynamic duo. However, they can stop throwing each other under the bus and there are some many casualties that if this election went on for another year it might exceed all other wars to date. With the biggest hit being the Democratic Party. By the way, they may need to change the Democratic Party name because this is far from a PARTY for American voters, more like democratic parting. Cause every time they talk it gets us closer to being farther away from the win in November.