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Published:April 5th, 2008 07:53 EST
Bill's Red Face And Hillary's Cackling Spell Disaster For Hillary Clinton

Bill's Red Face And Hillary's Cackling Spell Disaster For Hillary Clinton

By Robert Paul Reyes

The perfect barometer for the fortunes of Hillary's presidential ambitions are not the national polls, but the demeanor of the Clintons. The bleaker the outlook for Hilary's presidential aspirations the redder Bill's face gets and the shriller Hillary's voice waxes.

Recently Hillary's shrill voice and obnoxious cackle has been in fine mettle, and Bill's finger-pointing has been at his Monica Lewinsky best.

Things are not looking rosy for the Clinton's, but the Clintons have always lived in their own reality. So what if Sen. Barack Obama has an insurmountable lead in delegates? Hear Hillary pontificate about how there is no such thing as a "pledged" delegate, and how she will woo all delegates regardless of their status.

Greenpeace should declare Hillary an environmental disaster; her scorched earth policy has left a good portion of the electoral map a disaster for Democrats.

It's always Morning in America in Hillaryland, the sun follows her wherever she goes. After all Hillary is the Messiah of American politics; she brought peace to Northern Ireland and only she can bring peace to Iraq. Nevermind that she gave President George W. Bush the green light to launch the moral, illegal and insane invasion of Iraq.

Hold on a minute, Hillary lovers will argue, the Clinton camp has never compared the junior senator from New York to Jesus.

"Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, holder of two Cabinet-level posts in the Clinton administration, bounded into a Portland rally two weeks ago to endorse Sen. Barack Obama.

The retaliation was swift, furious and self-defeating.

Clinton backer James Carville, noting that Richardson made up his mind during Holy Week, opined: 'Mr. Richardson's endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic.'

If Richardson is Judas, which Clinton is Jesus?'"

Quotation from columnist Joel Connelly

Only the unpledged superdelegates can disabuse the Clintons of their notion that Hillary is a viable candidate. It's time for them to bring this farce to an abrupt halt by endorsing Obama, the only candidate who has earned the right to be the Democratic nominee.

The superdelegates should wag their fingers at the Clintons; it's time that Hillary packs her pantsuits and heads back to the Senate. And Bill can spend the rest of his life wondering how he can possibly repair his ruined legacy.

Do we really need the red-faced antics of Bill and the shrill venom of Hillary for the next four or eight years? That scenario might be Morning in America for the Clintons but it would be Mourning in America for all the rest of us.