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Published:April 5th, 2008 07:48 EST
Will Hillary Clinton lose because of her gender?

Will Hillary Clinton lose because of her gender?

By Robert Paul Reyes

A new research undertaken by the University of St. Louis has come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton invites strong reactions from most Americans because she violates people`s expectations.

According to Professor Judi McLean Parks of Washington University in St. Louis, "People don´t like to have their expectations violated, and that is the challenge Hillary faces."

Parks goes on to say, "The character traits we associate with people in leadership positions are stereotypically masculine, such as being assertive or competitive."

"If you (as a woman) behave in a masculine manner, then in some way or another, I`m going to think less of you, find you less likeable and be less likely to hire you-- all because you have violated expectations of what a woman is supposed to be like," McLean Parks added.

Quotation from the ANI news wire.

Before the primary season got started Hillary was assumed to be the inevitable Democratic nominee. Hillary had it all: Name recognition, an impressive warchest and the support of the party honchos.

But now many of Hillary`s supporters are struggling to explain why a cakewalk turned into the Bataan Death March. You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a psychoanalyst to figure out why Hillary is losing, she`s petty, vindictive, deceptive, arrogant, humorless and ruthless.

But Hillary`s fans don`t want to accept that her campaign is in desperate straits because of their candidate`s failings, and so they blame it on male chauvinism.

I strongly disagree with Professor McLean; it`s not Hillary`s gender but her personality that rubs voters the wrong way. I would have no trouble voting for a strong woman, like Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who shares my liberal philosophy. But I would never vote for Hillary, in spite of the fact that I agree with her stand on the issues, because of her deficient character and annoying personality.

It`s not just Hillary`s "win at any costs" attitude that turns people off, it`s also that she tries too hard to be like a man. We can accept that she`s a woman running for president, but we can`t accept that she is a woman trying to be a man.

To quote Clint Eastwood, "A man has got to know his limitations." That`s a motto we would all be wise to follow. When Hillary raises her voice, voters head for the exits and her popularity drops like a stone. Hillary can be authoritative without speaking loudly; if she speaks softly she will get her point across; but, if she yells, the shrillness factor will obscure her message.

Word to the wise: Hillary, your voice isn`t your greatest asset; rely on the strength of your message and not the decibel level of your voice.

It`s Hillary, not Bill, who wears the pants in the Clinton household. On a typical day Bill`s pants will be down to his ankles and Hillary will be sporting a pantsuit. Ironically instead of lending an air of power, Hillary`s penchant for wearing pantsuits makes her appear as if she is too insecure to show her feminine side.

Word to the wise: Hillary, wearing pants is only a superficial symbol of power, real power is expressed by believing in yourself and not resorting to dirty politics when times get tough.

In debates Hillary is often strident and angry; I guess she wants to prove that she can play hardball with the big boys. But she never softens her hard rhetoric with a little humor.

Word to the wise: Hillary, we don`t want an angry commander-in-chief who might nuke Iran because she`s having a bad hair day. It`s OK to be forceful and uncompromising, but don`t demean or ridicule your opponents.

The American people can and will elect a woman to the White House, but it won`t be Hillary Clinton. It`s not her gender, but her nasty disposition and her lack of ethics that will doom her candidacy.