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Published:April 7th, 2008 05:51 EST
Christopher Hitchens: Hillary Clinton is sloppy and bi*chy

Christopher Hitchens: Hillary Clinton is sloppy and bi*chy

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sen. Hillary Clinton is cold and calculating; I wouldn't be surprised if she's able to regulate her heart beat. Everything she does is orchestrated, every "ad lib" comment has been vetted and tested. An ATM machine won't dispense money if you don't enter the correct passcode, and the Ice Queen won't shed a tear unless it works to her political advantage.

Human beings don't cry on cue, we shed a tear when some unexpected calamity befalls us. Hillary cries at the most politically opportune times; if her polls take a precipitous drop, expect some waterworks from Old Faithful.

When male pundits ridicule Hillary when her eyes grow misty, we shouldn't be labeled male chauvinists or cynics. Only an idiot (male or female) would be fooled by her theatrics.

Hillary plays the "gender card" with irksome regularity; she never leaves home without it. Her campaign is in a free fall, she's behind in the national polls and trailing in pledged delegates-- it's only natural that prominent Democrats are calling on her to drop out of the race.

Does Hillary respond to these calls for her to quit by patiently and respectfully pointing out the reasons why she is still a viable candidate? No, she pulls out the gender card, "it's the boys ganging up on me again."

Considering Hillary's history of orchestrated histrionics and penchant for playing the gender card, I don't think it's sexist for respected writer Christopher Hitchens to call her "soppy and bitchy."

"On Tim Russert, Christopher Hitchens said regarding Sen. Hillary Clinton, 'If you think of women who really have been put upon by men and by male supremacy, like Benazir Bhutto, as well, you can't imagine her resorting to this kind of self-pity or suddenly decide to feminize herself in the most clichéd ways, of such-- by welling up and sobbing.' Hitchens later added, "I just think that if she knew how it made her look, sort of alternately soppy and bitchy, she'd stop it. But she can't help herself, can she? She just can't.'"

Quotation from Media Matters

Bravo, Mr. HItchens! I could not have said it better myself. Already I have read a few articles from Hillary enablers labeling Hitchens an unrepentant sexist.

Is Hillary going to continue her practice of welling up on cue if she's elected president? If Hillary gets a 3. am. phone call from the president of Russia informing her that he's going to drop a nuclear bomb on Mecca in retaliation for a dirty bomb set off in Moscow by Muslim Chechen rebels, will she start balling to try to change his mind?

I hope that there will be many articles lauding Hitchens for his brilliant and concise analysis of Hillary Clinton.