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Published:April 13th, 2008 09:25 EST
Calif. Assemblyman's Proposal To Raise Beer Tax Is Un-American

Calif. Assemblyman's Proposal To Raise Beer Tax Is Un-American

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Joe Six-pack will have to pay a lot more to get his buzz on if Assemblyman Jim Beall has his way.

The San Jose Democrat on Thursday proposed raising the beer tax by $1.80 per six-pack, or 30 cents per can or bottle. The current tax is 2 cents per can. That's an increase of about 1,500 percent."

Quotation from MercuryNews.Com

Beer is as American as Mom and apple pie -- it's unpatriotic and sacrilegious to add a burdensome tax on the drink of the common man.

As a native of San Francisco I'm tolerant of every imaginable lifestyle, but I give a wide berth to a man who doesn't drink beer or a politician who wants to tax beer.

There will never be a revolution as long as Joe Six-pack has 500+ cable stations to choose from, a La-Z-Boy recliner, and plenty of cheap beer in the fridge.

But raise the beer tax by $1.80 per six-pack and even the mellow and laid-back citizens of California may put down their bubble blowers and storm Sacramento with pitchforks and back scratchers.

"Beall said the tax would generate $2 billion a year to fund health care services, crime prevention and programs to prevent underage drinking and addiction."

Quotation from MercuryNews.Com

It's folks who consume hard liquor who are a burden on our health care services. Beer drinkers don't start fights or commit crimes; we just want to get a buzz on that will drown out the drone of the wife and kids.

Californians are already on edge having to pay almost $4.00 for a gallon of gas, now is not the time to consider raising the beer tax.

As goes California so goes the rest of the nation, that's why this citizen of Virginia is railing against this commie plot to raise the beer tax.