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Published:April 13th, 2008 07:45 EST
Poor Bill Clinton, He's So 20th Century

Poor Bill Clinton, He's So 20th Century

By Robert Paul Reyes

Before the ascendancy of Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton was perceived as the inevitable Democratic presidential nominee, and Bill Clinton was lauded as her greatest asset.

Bill was the perfect candidate for the MTV generation; refusing to deflect the "boxers vs briefs" query to the delight of the teeny boppers. Bill looked so cool blowing the sax on the Arsenio Hall show, but today he is blowing a sour note on the campaign trail.

The MTV era is so yesterday; today's YouTube kids snicker at Bill's red face and white hair.

Bill no longer possesses the mental agility or the pop culture awareness to compete in the news cycle of the 21st century. Poor Bill, he is so 20th century. Bill's cool shades have been replaced by somber reading glasses, and by the time he looks up from the teleprompter his audience is checking their Blackberrys.

Instead of being Hillary's greatest asset, red-faced, finger-wagging Bill has turned out to be an albatross around her neck.

Bill almost single-handedly lost the black vote with his race-baiting comments earlier in the presidential campaign. The ex-president hasn't lost his deft touch for inflicting grievous harm on his wife's presidential aspirations. Just when the media was moving on from Hillary's Bosnia flap, he revived the controversy-- much to his wife's detriment.

Not even an Oprah Winfrey make-over can make Bill palatable to the iPod generation.

Al Gore may have lost the presidency because he failed to use Bill Clinton, but Hillary will lose because she didn't leave her hubby at home.

In this campaign we have witnessed the 2nd childhood antics of Bill Clinton: Temper tantrums, finger-pointing, red-faced histrionics... It's as if Lazarus was brought back from the dead, but all he wants to do now is eat worms, play with rats and sleep in a cemetery.

You can't rewind history; you can't bring back the VCR and you can't burnish an old warhorse to fight effectively in today's lightning quick new media.