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Published:April 14th, 2008 15:48 EST
Hillary Clinton Swallows a Shot of Whiskey

Hillary Clinton Swallows a Shot of Whiskey

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Which presidential candidate would you most like to have a beer with?"

During every presidential campaign this question is posed countless times by pundits and reporters. Americans want a president who is erudite and well educated, but we also desire a chief executive who knows how to relax and have a good time. That`s why candidates don`t schedule photo ops in the hallowed halls of Harvard or Yale, but in neighborhood bars.

Hillary Clinton does not strike me as a person I would like to share a beer with; it would take a couple of kegs of beers to melt her icy exterior. I don`t have that much patience, and I don`t have that much money. I`m sure she would expect me to pay the bill, and tip the bartender.

Hillary has chugged a few beers in primary and caucus states all over this country. I don`t fault her, it`s as much a political ritual as kissing babies and shaking hands.

However, Hillary will never become "one of the boys" by guzzling a draft or two at a neighborhood bar. It`s not her gender, but her icy demeanor that prevents her from being perceived as a "regular Joe."

At a campaign stop at a restaurant in Crown Point, Indiana, Hillary enjoyed a few beers, but she also went a step further:

"After a long day of campaigning Clinton was cajoled into taking a shot of Crown Royal whisky, which she sipped at first, but later threw her head back and swallowed it down. That led to a few beers and some pizza.

And although Clinton is no stranger to late night drinks with the press and her staff, she usually prefers red wine or the trendy wheat ale Blue Moon with a slice of orange, not the watery light beer in the glass mug she waved in the air so proudly as the crowd chanted her name."

Quotation from CBS News

I won`t dwell on the hypocrisy of an incredibly wealthy woman whose tastes run to expensive wines, pretending she`s a regular person by publicly drinking beers and swallowing a shot.

Any alcoholic beverage can be abused, but generally folks don`t drink beer to get drunk; they enjoy a frosty one with a pizza to relax and unwind after a hard day`s work.

Nobody would accuse a candidate of sending the wrong message by savoring a lager in a bar or restaurant; beer is as American as Mom and apple pie.

But taking a shot is a horse of a different color-- it sends the wrong message to many high school and college kids who are caught up in the party culture of drinking to get drunk.

You imbibe a beer to relax; you sip wine as a compliment to a fine meal; but, nine times out of ten, you swallow a shot to get drunk.

Anybody who has attended college knows that there are a hundred and one games that involve taking a shot. My favorite one was the "Brady Bunch shot game." We swallowed I forget how many shots, and then each one of us had to sing the theme song to the Brady Bunch. The intoxicated fool who crooned the song the fastest and made the fewest errors won. Now, every time I hear the "Brady Bunch" theme song, I automatically throw my head back as if I`m swallowing a shot.

Drinking to excess is a major problem on college campuses-- shame on you, Hillary Clinton, for sending our children the wrong message.