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Published:April 15th, 2008 16:38 EST
Global warming, heck whatever happened to Woodsy the owl?

Global warming, heck whatever happened to Woodsy the owl?

By Will Roberts

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Now all I know is what I see with my own two eyes, and this week I saw the open roads, not from the air like I normally do, but tires to the asphalt. This is my first chance in 4 months of working on the road to just see what I can see.

Now I was not really going anywhere, I was just going to go somewhere, I don’t normally get time to just take off, because the less time I spent behind the wheel meant lest time behind the newspaper. So I was feeling out of touch, so I flipped on talk radio. How they can call it talk radio when all they do is yell is beyond me.

But the one thing I miss while I am traveling through the air. Is the beauty of the land, the water, and the trash?

Sprinkled across the highways and byways of city and the country noticed I did not say BIG city’s. That because it is happening everywhere.

And one of the biggest offenders that dirty old cigarette butt. 75% of all trash picked up is cig buts… I have been all around the world and every city has this problem. I call it environmental irresponsibility and you though I was going to say global warming…

Here is the odd thing no matter where you go the subject seems to be global warming, but the fact is that if you drive around a little you will see more evident of litter than global warming ..

The days of Woody's the owl and the American Indian are gone, probably burred in a land fill somewhere. Here’s an exercise … next time you see someone smoking in his or her car watch um. And 3 2 1. Liftoff. Is this what happens when we suppress a group of people, they rebel..? Now don’t think for one moment that I am passing judgment on folks that smoke. A person’s body will do that itself. Will Rogers said the only thing good about smoking is it chases away the mosquitoes. Which is proof positive that miss are a whole lot smarter that people.

In this time of war we talk about love for our country, now let’s show it… We would love it if you all could make it in the basket! OR recycle. Now I know what you are thinking “Will, you drive a dually truck, how can you talk about the environment?” Well, the truck is to carry around the Mechanical bull, but this is what I drive normally, a hybrid. I am Will Roberts and this is my weekly telegram.