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Published:April 17th, 2008 16:02 EST
Barack Obama Tops Google Most Searched Word List

Barack Obama Tops Google Most Searched Word List

By Robert Paul Reyes

The most searched word on Google is usually related to pop culture: A new video game, a movie star or a pop princess. I usually write about politics and I enter words or phrases like these on my favorite search engine: Mortgage crisis, health care, debate... But when there is a new set of nude Britney Spears pics floating around in cyberspace, I would be a liar if I didn't admit that I google her like there's no tomorrow. 

The editor of this Web site mentioned to me that "Barack Obama" was the most searched word on Google today. It's not often that a politician tops the Google search list, but Barack Obama transcends politics with his rock star presence and movie star good looks. He may not have any videos on heavy rotation on MTV, but the clips of his speeches get a lot of hits on YouTube.

Back in the days of black and white TV, John F. Kennedy's eloquence, intelligence and good looks was enough to blow Richard Nixon out of the water in their televised debates. In this day of high-def TV, drab Hillary and over-the-hill McCain don't have a prayer of looking good standing next to Obama.

Kids and lonely suburban Moms may be smitten by Obama's "coolness factor", but this hardened and cynical writer is enthralled by Obama's civility and message of hope and change.

Obama has the most credibility on the subject of the Iraq War, he is the only presidential candidate who was against Bush's bloody, immoral and illegal misadventure from the start.

We are all tied in to the matrix; who doesn't check his email, or surf the Web, on his home computer, work computer or phone countless times a day? How do you measure popularity in the age of the ubiquitous Internet? By checking the daily Google most searched word list, of course!

I may be a tad bit narcissistic but I google myself on a daily basis; if my hits dip below a certain point, I panic.

That Obama topped the Google list the day after a contentious debate with Hillary is a good omen for the senator from Illinois.

I hope that Obama's rock star status, substantial political platform, and Google popularity propel him to the White House.