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Published:April 22nd, 2008 19:22 EST
Pennsylvania Keeps Hillary Alive

Pennsylvania Keeps Hillary Alive

By SOP newswire

U.S. Democratic Party presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has won the primary in the eastern state of Pennsylvania, keeping her campaign for the White House alive.

The state offers 158 delegates, all of whom will be allotted based on vote results.

Senator Clinton is to address her supporters in Pennsylvania, while her Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama, has moved on to the midwest state of Indiana, which holds its primary May sixth.

Despite the win, Clinton is still behind Obama in delegates who will nominate the party`s candidate. The Democratic nominee will face the Republican nominee-in-waiting, John McCain, in the November election.

Clinton could have faced pressure to quit the race had she not won Pennsylvania.

She told NBC`s Today Show that a victory in Pennsylvania, along with her wins in California and New York, will prove that Obama cannot win in states with large numbers of delegates.

Obama told the same program that although he did not expect to win Pennsylvania, he had successfully cut into Clinton`s once-commanding lead in the state.

Clinton had been 20 points ahead of Obama in polls of Pennsylvania Democrats, but the gap narrowed to single digits in recent weeks.

Separately, McCain, a veteran Arizona lawmaker, was in the midwestern U.S. state of Ohio Tuesday. He is taking part in a week-long tour of areas struggling economically, what his campaign calls the "forgotten" parts of the United States.Some information for this report provided by AP.