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Published:April 25th, 2008 03:02 EST
Pennsylvania: A Pyrrhic Victory For Hillary Clinton

Pennsylvania: A Pyrrhic Victory For Hillary Clinton

By Robert Paul Reyes

I remember a child's birthday party where one of the kids was hitting an inflatable punch bag with the face of a smiling clown. The tiny tot was at first delighted that the inflatable toy refused to stay down, but after many ineffectual punches the kid started crying in frustration.

That inflatable clown reminds me of Hillary Clinton; what does it take to make her admit defeat? She has been buffeted by Obama in state after state, but nothing can wipe that painted smile off her face. Oblivious to the harsh reality that Obama has an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates and in the popular vote -- at the verge of elimination Hillary comes up with a victory that allows her to cling to the illusion she still has a chance of securing the Democratic presidential nomination.

Hillary is on cloud nine after her Pennsylvania victory, but spin aside what did she gain? Ascertaining how many delegates a candidate won in a primary or caucus is not an exact science, but according to most estimates Hillary only managed pick up nine delegates.

Hillary won Pennsylvania, a state with demographics tailor-made for her, but at what price? Hillary's throw everything at Obama, including the septic tank, hurt her approval ratings more than it did Obama's. Hillary gives a new definition to "Pyrrhic victory"; she basks in victory over a scorched earth that will bear bitter fruit for Democrats this November.

Hillary may have won the Keystone State by 9 points, but let's not forget that only a few weeks ago polls had her ahead by over 20 points. It's a remarkable achievement for Obama that he was able to whittle down such a huge lead to single digits.

Hillary managed to narrow Obama's lead in the popular vote by some 200,000 votes, but unless you count Michigan (where Obama's name did not appear on the ballot) she has no chance of overtaking him.

Hillary claims momentum, but that ethereal quality has no chance against cold hard reality. Obama is ahead in the next two primaries in Indiana and North Carolina. There is virtually no chance that Hillary will overcome Obama's double digit lead in North Carolina. Bill Clinton's race-baiting has ensured that Hillary will never beat Obama in a state with a sizeable African American population.

I hope Obama is not crying in frustration like that kid unable to lick that inflatable clown. Obama should realize that you don't defeat an inflatable toy by clobbering the hell out of it, you ignore it until all the hot air dissipates and all that's left is a flattened carcass.