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Published:April 27th, 2008 13:26 EST
Fair Tax Blowback

Fair Tax Blowback

By Robert Paul Reyes

I have written myriad essays on abortion, televangelists, homosexuality, the war on terrorism, AIDS, teen pregnancy, and the Iraq war, but an article that I recently wrote on the "Fair Tax" has elicited more feedback than many of the aforementioned controversial subjects.

Sometimes I pontificate on subjects that are dear to my heart and sometimes my editors ask me to write about certain issues, but I never write about hot matters simply to generate Web traffic. But it's interesting to note that if I want to generate feedback all I have to do is take on what I considered an esoteric topic: The Fair Tax

Here is a sampling of the emails I received:

"You wrote: 'It would also help if the leading proponent of the fair tax wasn't a screwball like Ron Paul." Your opinion of Ron Paul would carry more weight if it were not so obvious that you don't know what you are talking about. Ron Paul was never an advocate of the "Fair Tax,and to suggest that he was the leading advocate only goes to show how poorly informed you are.'"


"Huckabee is for the Fair Tax, not Ron Paul The Fair Tax is a disaster because the government must monitor every transaction in the economy. With the sales tax % so high there will be black markets and organized crime."

Ron (Not Ron Paul)

"Hi Robert. Just a quite note re: your article. Ron Paul does not support the fair tax, although he believes anything is better than the system we have now.

He is an advocate of eliminating the income tax and replace it with... well, nothing. To fill the budget gap he proposes to drastically reduce our military presence overseas as well as cut departments that have duplicates within the States (Department of Agriculture, Commerce, etc.:)


I would like to thank my readers who take the time to respond to my essays; please continue to keep me walking the straight and narrow path.

I write over 300 essays a year, and not everything I pen is Pulitzer-worthy, however my prolificacy is no excuse for getting things wrong. Howard is correct, it's unfair to characterize Ron Paul as a leading advocate of the "Fair Tax." However Ron Paul has stipulated that he would accept the "Fair Tax" as an imperfect first step.

From Larry's Blog (Larry D. Burton):

"I have been a fan of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) for quite some time. I have also been a fan of the Fair Tax proposal for the last couple of years. I never knew where Rep. Paul stood on the Fair Tax so I asked him. This was the email I just received from him:

'Dear Mr. Burton:

Thank you for contacting my office regarding the FAIR TAX. I agree with you that massive tax reform is needed in this country. More specifically, I agree with the provisions of the FAIR TAX which repeal income, payroll, and estate taxes.

As you may know, it´s not easy for me to advocate any new tax! However, I certainly think a sales tax is better than an income tax- PROVIDED the income tax is truly eliminated. I would hate to see America end up with both a national sales tax and an income tax, much like socialist European countries.'"

But getting back to the Fair Tax, do a Google News Search and you will see that it's not so esoteric a subject after all. This April on Tax Deadline Day rallies were held in support of the Fair Tax in several communities.

"Augusta, GA -- The April 15th deadline could be a thing of the past, that's if some lawmakers sign off on what's called the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax plan gets rid of federal- and payroll-based income taxes. Instead, everyone would pay a flat national retail sales tax on everything we, clothes, haircuts...everything.

People like Dennis Kilups think that's more fair.

Dennis Kilups, Augusta, GA: 'Give us a better distribution of taxes. I just don't like the way it's done now. I don't think it's fair. I don't think it's equitable.'

Hamp Oliver, Augusta, GA: 'It switches more to a consumption tax, as I understand it. I think that spreads the tax better more evenly over the whole population.'"

Quotation from WJBF.Com

Most people agree that the income tax is a bureaucratic nightmare; I will keep my mind open about the Fair Tax and other plans to revise, revamp or eliminate the IRS.

Please keep your emails coming; I would like to hear from those who support the Fair Tax.