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Published:April 28th, 2008 12:38 EST
Hillary Clinton  As An Independent? Democratic Battle Royale goes all the way

Hillary Clinton As An Independent? Democratic Battle Royale goes all the way

By Robert Paul Reyes

In every presidential campaign there are wild and crazy rumors, this year has seen its fair share:

If the Democratic Battle Royale goes all the way to the convention, the Dems will turn to Al Gore as their Savior. Gore may not wear the crown that he so desperately sought, but the consolation prizes weren't so bad: An Oscar, Grammy and a Nobel Peace Prize. The former vice-president isn't going to be offered the nomination, and he wouldn't accept it anyway. Gore is venerated as a saint, why would he go back to being a politician where everybody takes pot shots at you?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will eventually realize that the only way they can defeat Sen. John McCain in November is by mending fences and running as a team. Hell will freeze over and the Rev. Pat Robertson will announce his pending nuptials with Richard Simmons before Clinton and Obama join forces.

John McCain is so worried about the prevailing perception that he is too old to be president, that he is going to choose Paris Hilton as his running mate to appeal to the youth vote. OK, I made that one up.

There is an even crazier rumor floating around in cyberspace: If Hillary Clinton fails to secure the Democratic nomination, she will run as an independent.

"How long will this Clinton-Obama marathon continue?

Possibly into November.

Consider this scenario:

--After the last primary election votes are counted in South Dakota and Montana June 3 just enough superdelegates declare for Obama to insure his nomination by the thinnest of margins.

--Hillary Clinton claims that the decision to exclude the Florida and Michigan delegations has distorted the nominating process and that the only way to have a fair resolution to this year's campaign is to carry the fight into the general election. She decides to run as an independent."

Quotation from Joe Rothstein, Editor, USPoliticsToday.Com

I don't see this as a realistic possibility, 3rd party presidential candidates are mavericks, iconoclasts and assorted lunatics. Hilary Clinton doesn't fit the bill, she is the quintessential Democratic party bureaucrat.

Third party candidates think outside the box, they offer an ideology that runs contrary to the mainstream. Ron Paul would be a likely 3rd party candidate with his libertarian philosophy, but Hillary is your standard-issue politician.

What gives this rumor credence is the knowledge that the Clintons are not quitters, and will do anything to win. But Bill Clinton will not risk doing further damage to his legacy by backing such a ridiculous plan.

The Clintons are devious and they may be behind this rumor as a way of pressuring the superdelegates to side with Hillary. But that's all it is, a crazy rumor.