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Published:April 28th, 2008 14:02 EST
It's time for Barack Obama to denounce Jeremiah Wright

It's time for Barack Obama to denounce Jeremiah Wright

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sen. Barack Obama is still on course to win the Democratic nomination, but recently he has incurred some setbacks and suffered some gaffes. At this time he needs the love and encouragement of his friends, family and supporters.

What is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's spiritual mentor for 20 years, doing to help his friend in his time of need? The best thing that Wright could do would be to go on a year-long spiritual retreat in the Himalayas.

Instead of assisting Obama by staying out of the spotlight, the good Rev. is on a public relations tour, delivering three high-profile speeches in the last three days.

Wright's speeches were attended by mobs of reporters, anxiously waiting for another controversial sound bite. Rev. Wright didn't fail to deliver, in an address at a NAACP dinner in Detroit, he mocked John F. Kennedy's Boston accent. It was a clumsy attempt to explain how African American children are mocked for the way they speak, but white Americans with peculiar accents are not. Way to go Rev, mocking one of the most beloved presidents in history is a sure way to win the favor of the American public.

Even if Wright delivered orations totally devoid of any controversy he would still be a distraction for Obama. When Americans see an image of Wright, what comes to mind? Certainly not the many good works that his church has undertaken to aid the poor and needy in the Chicago area. When we see Wright on TV we are reminded of his inflammatory remarks like, "God damn America!".

Thus far, Obama has displayed a remarkable loyalty to Wright, repudiating his unsettling comments, but failing to repudiate the man. Wright is exploiting his relationship with Obama to promote himself, maybe he wants to be the next Al Sharpton. Rev Wright has done incalculable harm to Obama, and I think it's high time that Obama denounce his controversial former pastor.