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Published:May 2nd, 2008 02:40 EST
Michelle Obama: Enough Already With Jeremiah Wright

Michelle Obama: Enough Already With Jeremiah Wright

By Robert Paul Reyes

Today's Headlines:

April Iraq's deadliest month since last August!
Gas prices hit all-time high!
Mortgage crisis means more than 33000 homes will be repossessed!
US economy feels recession pain!
Jobs growth has "ground to a halt"!
US confirms Somali missile strike

These critical issues are being covered by the media, but there is one story that is grabbing most of the headlines: The Rev. Wright controversy.

Now that Sen. Barack Obama has thrown his former pastor under the bus, and run over him a few times, it's time for the press to give this non-story a rest.

I don't expect the narcissistic Wright to remain quiet for long, but the media shouldn't hang on his every ridiculous word. If the good Reverend stokes the controversy again, the media should ignore this leech who is exploiting his former relationship with Obama.

Michelle Obama expressed her frustration with the never-ending controversy in an interview with CNN:
Anyone listening to Barack Obama's press conference distancing himself from Rev. Jeremiah Wright could tell from his tone and body language that he hopes he has addressed the contentious issue for the last time.

But Michelle Obama made it explicitly clear last night in a sit-down interview with CNN's Suzanne Malveaux, which aired on last night's Anderson Cooper 360.

"You know, it just isn't relevant to what we're trying to do," the candidate's wife said. "So, yes, it was painful. Yes, it's been difficult. But I think that, you know, the more difficult thing that this country is facing is really trying to move politics into conversations around problems and problem-solving."

"And that's what we're going to be pretty determined to do. And I think, you know, this is about all I'm going to say on the issue. And I think that, you know, we're going to close this chapter and move into the next phase of this election."

Quotation from Christi Parsons/The Swamp

I feel sorry for Barack and Michelle Obama, this Wright controversy seems to have taken a heavy emotional toll on them. If Obama is going to finally wrap up the nomination he needs to be physically and spiritually refreshed.

I will heed my own advice, this will be the last time I mention the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.