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Published:May 8th, 2008 03:13 EST
GOP New Jersey Senate Nominee to McCain: Enough War Talk

GOP New Jersey Senate Nominee to McCain: Enough War Talk

By Robert Paul Reyes

They say you can't teach on old dog new tricks, and Sen. John McCain seems determined to live or die promoting Bush's insane Iraq war strategy.

It's "all about the economy, stupid" all over again, but I can understand McCain's reluctance to stress economic issues since he has admitted that the economy is not his forte.

We all know an old coot who rides a hobby horse to death; at every family gathering he rattles on and on about UFO's or fluoride in the water. That's McCain in a nutshell, he blathers on about the success of the surge while our brave soldiers continue to die in that senseless war.

As an ardent supporter of Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, I hope that McCain rides that horse straight to a landslide defeat in November.

But there are some Republicans who are very worried about McCain's infatuation with the failed Bush Iraq policies:

"New Jersey conservative Republican leader Dr. 'Maverick Murray' Sabrin, the Garden State's strongest advocate of limited government and individual freedom and the front-runner for United States Senate, released a video op-ed urging Republican Presidential candidate John McCain to save his campaign and the Republican Party by urging Senator McCain to "STOP trying to convince the American people you are right on our involvement in Iraq's Civil War." Maverick Murray released his op-ed at a press conference in front of the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building in Madison, NJ and the War Memorial in Gloucester City, NJ. (The text of the op-ed are below and the video can be seen at:"

I am to the left of Obama, but I must admit that we could use more men like Dr .Sabrin in the Senate. We must elect anti-war candidates (Republicans and Democrats) to Congress, so that they can work together with President Barack Obama to bring a quick end to our involvement in Iraq's civil war.