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Published:May 8th, 2008 16:03 EST
Hillary Clinton Refuses To Quit

Hillary Clinton Refuses To Quit

By Robert Paul Reyes

Headlines after Barack Obama's 14 point North Carolina win, and Hillary's 1 point Indiana victory:

New York Post: Photo of Hillary and one word "Toast"
The New York Daily News: Hil needs a miracle
Time Magazine: Photo of Obama and the words "And the winner is..."

After the latest round of primary contests the media, the blogosphere and the TV talking heads were almost unanimous in their verdict: It's all over for Hillary! The Fat Lady is warming up and she's singing that old Queen standard,"Another One Bites the Dust."

George McGovern, a Hillary supporter, urged her to drop out:
"I do not see how she has much chance of pulling out the nomination now, and I think it is important for Democrats to get united to win the general election in November."

Quotation from the Associated Press

It is impossible for Hillary to overcome Obama's lead in the popular vote or to overtake him in pledged delegates. Hillary can move the goal posts all the way to the North Pole, and she might get frostbite but she won't win.

Hillary is under intense pressure from party insiders and even some of her supporters to quit, but oblivious to reality she's pressing forward full steam ahead as if she were the presumptive nominee.

Hillary reminds me of the high school nerd who asks the head cheerleader to go to the prom with him, and she responds with an icy: When hell freezes over I'll think about it. The geek goes away with a smile on his face thinking: She didn't completely rule it out, I've got a chance. I'd better rent a tuxedo just in case.
"HILLARY Clinton has vowed to stay in the Democratic party's bitter White House race, despite mounting pressure to hand over the baton to Barack Obama and amid talk that she might be the vice-presidential running mate.

"I am staying in this race until there is a nominee,' Senator Clinton said in West Virginia, which holds its presidential primary next Wednesday (Australian time). "I am going to work as hard as I can to become that nominee.'"

Quotation from News.Com.Au

Hillary can work as hard as a dog, staying up until making calls begging for financial contributions for her sagging campaign, but she ain't gonna win. Earth to Hillary: There's already a presumptive nominee and his name is Barack Obama.

If Hillary stayed in the race, and stuck to the issues, without calling into question Obama's electability, it wouldn't matter if she didn't drop out. But as long as she continues to flail away at Obama, she is hurting his chances of winning in November.

What will it take for Hillary Clinton to pack her pantsuits and return to the Senate? The Obama campaign should consider all manner of bribes: Pay her campaign debts; consider a compromise to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations; give her a prominent speaking role in the Democratic Convention...

But under no circumstances should Obama offer Hillary the vice presidency as an enticement to quit. Obama is a new politician with new ideas, and offering her such a plum consolation prize would be seen as a political calculation that reeks of politics as usual.

I can imagine how poor Obama feels, he probably has nightmares where he stabs, bludgeons, beheads, and blows away Hillary, but she she's still on his heels. Like a Cheshire Cat all that's left is her painted on smile and her insane cackling.