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Published:May 11th, 2008 07:42 EST
Al Sharpton And Rasmussen Reports Turn Against Hillary Clinton

Al Sharpton And Rasmussen Reports Turn Against Hillary Clinton

By Robert Paul Reyes

"National polling firm Rasmussen Reports announced on Friday that it will stop polling people about the presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton because her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, will win the Democratic nomination."

Quotation from MyFoxDallas.Com

This may be the death knell for the Clinton campaign, if a candidate is no longer tracked by polling firms, he/she is an irrelevancy at best and a joke at worst.

At this point anything that emanates from the Clinton campaign is nothing but hot air, signifying nothing. The media should follow the lead of the Rasmussen organization and severely curtail their coverage of Hillary.

In the last few months I've written almost a hundred essays criticizing Hillary; I've got to find another obsession because she's quickly becoming old news.

At this point Hillary has all the impact of a Ron Paul or a Ralph Nader, she should receive coverage commensurate with her insignificance.

It's hilarious that Hillary is trying to convince superdelegates that Obama can't win the general election, when she has already lost the Democratic nomination to her opponent.

The Clintons thrive in the spotlight, perhaps only being ignored will force the proud Hillary to leave the stage.

"Rev. Al Sharpton called on Hillary Clinton to drop out of the Democratic presidential race, likening her to an entertainer who doesn't know when to leave the stage.

Not dropping out would mean ruining the party, the civil rights leader told New York 1 television on Thursday night. 'I think Barack Obama´s the nominee. I think he´s won. The majority of Democrats have already decided.'"

Quotation from Reuters Blogs/Edith Honan

I rarely agree with the Al Sharpton, but this comment prompts a hearty "Amen" from me. But Sharpton gives Hillary too much credit, I wouldn't compare her to a polished entertainer, but to a Karaoke singer who doesn't quit the stage even when she's pelted with peanuts and french fries.

Al Sharpton knows whereof he speaks, for a few years he managed James Brown. And even the Godfather of Soul knew that after a few encores it was time to leave the stage. Hillary has had one encore, one cackle, one fake smile too many. For God's sake woman, go away.

When Al Sharpton and the Rasmussen Reports turn against you, that's the handwriting on the wall, writ large, that it's time to pack your pantsuits and go home.