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Published:May 11th, 2008 07:46 EST
Barack Obama's New Focus: Ignore Hillary Clinton, Engage John McCain

Barack Obama's New Focus: Ignore Hillary Clinton, Engage John McCain

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Clintons are hard to ignore, their larger-than-life personalities have dominated the Democratic landscape for decades. When the former president is in full Bubba mode, with face as red as an apple, bulging eyes like pool balls, and finger wagging like he has an alcoholic's jitters -- how can we ignore him?

Hillary Clinton is just as difficult to pay no heed to... her cackle, screeching voice and painted-on smile are a match for her hubby's histrionics.

Hillary Clinton isn't going to be the Democratic nomination, and I'm sorry that we (the press) won't have Hillary to kick around any more.

As hard as it is to do, we must now ignore Hillary Clinton and focus on the Obama/McCain matchup.

Sen. Barack Obama has already received the ignore Hillary memo:

"A funny thing has happened in the Democratic primary race. After months of battling Hillary Clinton and rarely engaging presumptive Republican nominee John McCain directly, Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama has seemed to stop running against his primary opponent and has focused on the Arizona senator.

In his latest stump speech, Obama ignored Clinton and aimed his criticism directly at McCain, whom he would face in the general election if the Democrats tap him as their top pick.

Obama's new focus came as he overtook Clinton in superdelegates, which was the New York senator's last statistical advantage in seeking the nomination. He has 272 superdelegates to her 267."

Quotation from ABC News

The Obama/McCain matchup should make Democrats salivate with anticipation. Can you imagine the tall, handsome, young and eloquent Obama debating the shorter, rugged looking, old and stammering McCain?

Can you picture Obama and McCain debating the Iraq war? The "I was against the war from the start" Obama will make mincemeat of the blinders on "the surge is working" McCain.

The more I think about the unfair contest between Obama and McCain, the more I forget about Hillary Clinton.

Hillary who?