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Published:May 12th, 2008 05:02 EST
An Obama And Hillary Fusion Ticket?

An Obama And Hillary Fusion Ticket?

By Robert Paul Reyes

From Wikipedia:

"Fusion can refer to combining two or more distinct things:

Fusion (Music), a music genre which combines two or more other genres."

The buzz word in some Democratic circles is a Fusion Ticket: A dream team with the presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama choosing Sen. Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

I can hear the cries emanating from the Obama loyalists and the Clinton faithful: "The horror, The horror..."

Conventional wisdom says that such an ungodly alliance will never happen, but history tells us that it's not out of the question. Think Kennedy/Johnson and Reagan/Bush.

The diehard supporters of Clinton and Obama consider a Fusion Ticket an abomination; it's the trendies and the pragmatists who are enamored with the concept.

"Fusion" is the catchphrase of the moment in the realm of marketing, in a supermarket you will find many products with the word "fusion" as part of the brand name.

"Try our 'Fusion Green Tea Cherry Soda with a Lime Twist', it's totally awesome." Most of these items taste like crap and appeal only to adolescents.

I am not a fan of fusion food brands or a Fusion Ticket featuring Obama and Clinton. Wikipedia tells us that Fusion Music is a music genre which combines two o more other genres. I can imagine a mix of blues and gospel, but an Obama/Clinton ticket would be like trying to combine gangsta rap and Opera.

But most importantly, Obama is not a fan of a Fusion Ticket. Obama wants to put Hillary so far behind him that he can't see her on his rear-view mirror. Or maybe he wants to see her right in front of him, so he can run her over.

Forget it folks, there ain't gonna be a totally awesome Fusion Ticket.

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