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Published:May 21st, 2008 06:13 EST
Hillary Clinton Ignores The Issues And Preaches Electability

Hillary Clinton Ignores The Issues And Preaches Electability

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hillary Clinton included a very telling remark in her victory speech after trouncing Barack Obama in Kentucky:

"We have to select a nominee who is best positioned to win in November."

I should start by pointing out the obvious: Democrats have already selected Barack Obama as their nominee, and Hillary Clinton's only hope is if the senator from Illinois is abducted by aliens.

Sen. Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president because he stands for something. He represents change and hope, and although those idealistic sentiments may be vague, they resonate with an electorate weary of eight years of Bush ineptitude. To be fair, Obama also advocates for concrete actions like bringing our troops home as soon as possible and making health care affordable and obtainable for everyone.

Hillary on the other hand, stands only for raw and ruthless ambition. She's running for president simply because she wants to be president.

The operative word in Hillary's statement is "positioned". Hillary should have declared, "we have to select a nominee who is right on the issues of immigration, the Iraq war and the economy. With Hillary it's not about being on the right side of the issues, it's all about "positioning." Hillary doesn't search her heart, and study an issue to find out what is the morally responsible stance. She reads the polls to determine which side of an issue will better position her to win votes.

The American public is not looking for a president who is best positioned to win; we are yearning for a leader who has the courage to take an unpopular side of an issue.

Hillary has almost stopped talking about the issues -- over and over again she stresses her electability. Ironically, the more bleaker her chances of winning, the more she stresses her electability.

Earth to Hillary: By virtue of his insurmountable lead in pledged delegates, lead in the popular vote and most states won, Obama has proven that he is by far the most electable candidate.

Obama is the best positioned Democratic candidate to beat John McCain in the general election, because his integrity and sincerity trumps Clinton's political machinations.