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Published:May 28th, 2008 15:58 EST
John McCain Plays the GOD Card!

John McCain Plays the GOD Card!

By John Lillpop

From his bag of tricks for converting right-thinking conservatives into Republican leftists, John McCain has injected God, love, and compassion into the non-stop wrangling about amnesty for as many as 38 million illegal aliens.

During a recent debate in St. Petersburg, Florida, McCain said the following, in part:

"We need to sit down as Americans and recognize these are God's children as well. And they need some protection under the law; they need some of our love and compassion."

In other words, Americans who believe in law and order and other right wing foolishness are the problem. A spike of God, love and compassion is needed to overcome this fetish with American sovereignty, rule of law and other outmoded notions.

As is the case with most liberals, McCain comes down on the side of the criminals, and says to hell with the victims.

Of course, McCain does have a point:

Illegal aliens are God's children.

But so are bank robbers, murderers, rapists and terrorists.

But illegal aliens are good hearted, hard-working people with traditional family values, not bank robbers or terrorists, right?

To which I ask: How in the hell do you know what they are, since none have been subjected to criminal background checks?

Whether they number 12 or 20 or 38 million, the point is that there is a huge population of people from third-world nations who have invaded America and about whom we know nothing!

Advocating a path to citizenship for such people is stupidity at best, treason at worse.

Furthermore, since when did being one of God's children entitle anyone to ignore the borders and immigration laws of another nation? Or, empower one to steal public services to which they are not entitled?

Despite John McCain's ineloquent attempt to exploit God, love and compassion, the fact is that illegal aliens are criminals who deserve to be prosecuted and deported.