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Published:May 29th, 2008 14:50 EST
Hillary Clinton knows how to keep things interesting

Hillary Clinton knows how to keep things interesting

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hillary Clinton is unpredictable, you never know what outlandish comment she will utter or what crazy new reason she will come up with for remaining in the race.

You never yell fire in a theatre, you never shout "Obama Rocks" at a KKK meeting and a presidential candidate never, under any circumstances, brings up the subject of assassination.

A few days ago in an editorial board meeting Hillary brought up the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. It doesn't matter if her RFK remark was a historical reference to show that it's not unusual for primaries to drag on until June. Any politician with a room temperature IQ knows that when you are running against a charismatic African American candidate, any such reference will bite you in the rear end.

Hillary is ignored by Obama and McCain and even the press is losing interest in her. I guess she felt that her intemperate remark was the only way of staying in the news.

When Obama finally gets to the magic number that will secure the nomination, what new rationale for remaining in the race will Hillary come up with?

"I refuse to concede until we hear from the scientists and researchers stationed in Antarctica, we must not disenfranchise them. Antarctica has a larger land mass than most of the states, and the election can't be certified until they have been heard from. I will hold my breathe and burn my pantsuits in protest until I get my way. No Justice, No Peace."