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Published:June 2nd, 2008 21:57 EST
Barack Obama Resigns From His Controversial Church

Barack Obama Resigns From His Controversial Church

By Robert Paul Reyes

Candidates of both major political parties often disregard the sacred doctrine of "separation of church and state" in a blatant attempt to curry favor with people of faith.

Republicans speak at the megachurches of televangelists, and Democrats flock to Black churches. Christians should be outraged at this obvious pandering, and those of us who cherish the doctrine of separation of church and state should be appalled at the spectacle.

I was impressed when Sen. John McCain dismissed Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as "agents of intolerance" during his 2000 presidential run. This was an act of courage because evangelicals are a crucial component of the Republican coalition.

In the 2008 presidential race McCain did a 180 degree turn, and begged these agents of intolerance to endorse him. Some of them gave John McCain their blessing, much to the detriment of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. We are all familiar with McCain`s "pastor problem", he finally had to repudiate the endorsements of televangelists John Hagee and Rod Parsley, when videos of their loopy views became YouTube hits.

And then there`s Sen. Barack Obama who has distanced himself from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but the incendiary preacher continues to be an albatross around his neck.

Today Obama took the ultimate step in separating himself from the church that he attended over twenty years:

"Sen. Barack Obama said Saturday that he has resigned from the church where controversial sermons by his former pastor and other ministers created political headaches for his campaign.

`We don`t want to have to answer for everything that`s stated in the church,` the Democratic front-runner said. `We also don`t want the church subjected to the scrutiny that a presidential campaign legitimately undergoes.`

Obama said he was resigning `with some sadness.`

The resignation comes days after the Rev. Michael Pfleger, a visiting Catholic priest, mocked Obama`s Democratic rival during a sermon at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois.

In the sermon, Pfleger wipes his eyes with a handkerchief and suggests that Sen. Hillary Clinton wept because she thought that as a white person and the wife of a former president, she was entitled to the presidency."

Quotation from CNN.Com

Religion is a blight on humankind, it`s even a corrosive influence on the dirty world of politics. I hope Obama and McCain have learned their lesson, and henceforth respect the separation of church and state.