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Published:June 3rd, 2008 22:10 EST
Republicans No Longer Touching Themselves

Republicans No Longer Touching Themselves

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Republican brand has all the sex appeal of a K-Mart house brand. Admitting that you are a Republican is a faux pas equivalent to going to da club wearing a polyester suit.

After eight years of the corrupt and inept Bush administration, the electorate is desperate for a change. Gas prices through the roof, mortgage crisis, state of perpetual war, recession -- even an Independent has a chance to capture the White House.
The GOP is out of touch when it comes to all the hot issues: Iraq, national health care, foreclosure crisis... A John McCain administration will mean perpetual bloodshed in Iraq, no relief for struggling homeowners and no hope for the working poor who are in desperate need of affordable health care.
Sen. Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States, unless Hillary and Obama fail to reconcile and unite for the common good. As my faithful readers know I can`t stand Hillary, but if the price for unity is the Veep nod for the senator from New York, then so be it. Democrats can`t afford to blow this opportunity to win the presidency.
Barack`s message of hope and change has resonated with people of all races, creeds and income levels and Hillary`s message of experience and her tenacious character has hit a chord with millions of voters. If these two adversaries are able to join forces, Obama will reside in the White House for the next eight years. It`s time to kick the out of touch Republicans to the curb.