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Published:June 6th, 2008 16:39 EST
People all over the world love Barack Obama

People all over the world love Barack Obama

By Robert Paul Reyes

President George W. Bush has the lowest approval ratings since the advent of polls. Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain have started the marathon race to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave; Obama is the prohibitive favorite because McCain is running with an albatross (Bush) around his neck. The Republican brand name enjoys all the cachet of the K-Mart house brand.

The president still enjoys the support of most conservative evangelicals, but the rest of the electorate (Democrat and Republican) hate him with a passion. Why do we abhor Bush? Let me count the reasons: Iraq, Katrina, Walter Reed, Plamegate, warrantless wiretapping, Guantanamo Bay...

See Hugh`s List of Bush Scandals for a more comprehensive list:

Not only is Dubya despised in America, he is an international laughingstock. Bush`s preemptive, unilateral, unethical, unconstitutional, criminal, counterproductive, doomed-to-fail, and idiotic invasion and occupation has turned the whole world against him.

Obama will not get us entangled in a conflict with Iran, he will exhaust all diplomatic means and engage in hostilities only as a last resort. He will not dismiss our European allies as "old Europe," he will not launch a war without their financial, logistical and military support.

Thank goodness that Obama has clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, and will most likely win the general election. After eight years of Bush thumbing his nose at Europe and the rest of the world, the international community is thrilled at the prospect of Obama occupying the White House. There are more Obamamaniacs abroad than there are in the homeland.

Here is an example of the international reaction to Obama`s success:

"Worldwide reactions to Barack Obama securing the Democratic nomination for president against his tenacious rival, Hillary Clinton, were overwhelmingly positive, sometimes bordering on hysteria. We wrote about international perceptions of Obama many times in this blog. But it is fair to say that all the enthusiasm about Obama`s win in the U.S or Europe pales in comparison to how Africans feel about this historic event.

Kenya, Obama`s father`s native country, obviously leads the continent in elation about the Senator from Illinois` nomination. Mukau Mutua in The Daily Nation calls it an understatement that Kenyans are ecstatic about the possibility that Obama "a Kenyan-American of Luo extraction" might become president.

Ugandans, too, are excited about Obama`s victory, and optimistic that he can defeat Republican John McCain in the general election in November, writes Uganda`s New Vision. According to the paper, Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa described Obama`s win as historic because a black man was for first time contesting for the U.S. presidency on the ticket of a main party."
Quotation from:

There are myriad reasons to vote for Obama: His anti-war stance, national health care plan, pro gay rights position, solid green credentials, bipartisan attitude, progressive vision, message of hope and change...

But, one of the most compelling reasons is that Obama will restore American`s good name in the international community. The world`s only remaining superpower should not be an international pariah.

If McCain wins it will be perceived overseas as a third Bush term, and it will do nothing to improved America`s reputation. McCain is committed to continuing Bush`s disastrous Iraq policy.

For peace and prosperity at home, and good relations with the nations of the world, it`s imperative that we elect Sen. Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America.