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Published:June 13th, 2008 18:47 EST
GOP Plays Fear Card To Defeat Global Warming Legislation

GOP Plays Fear Card To Defeat Global Warming Legislation

By Robert Paul Reyes

George W. Bush refuses to accept the reality of global warming, he has a Texas oilman`s mentality that carbon emissions are nothing to worry about. It`s fitting that during his tenure a landmark global warming legislation was killed before a scheduled vote. Bush is destined to leave office with Iraq a quagmire, and Mother Earth choking from greenhouse gases.

Advancing the bill to the Senate floor was progress, but the planet is in peril and it`s too late in the game for moral victories.

The Republicans played the fear card to combat global warming legislation, the opponents of the bill claimed that the proposed legislation would drive up the price of gasoline.

A slight increase in the cost of gas is a small price to pay for taking concrete steps to deal with the global warming crisis. It`s going to take a mammoth undertaking to reverse the effects of global warming, we can`t expect not to pay a price.

The climate is changing, both John McCain and Barack Obama believe that climate change is a serious problem that needs to be immediately addressed.

But McCain has only recently embraced the reality of global warming, while Obama has a long history of favoring legislation to protect the environment.

We`ve lost a battle, but we can`t afford to lose the war to save our planet. Only by electing Obama, with his strong environmental record, can we hope to see global warming legislation become law.