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Published:June 18th, 2008 09:35 EST
Is John McCain Too Old To Be President?

Is John McCain Too Old To Be President?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it`s a duck."

Republicans claim that referencing McCain`s advanced age is as inappropriate as mentioning Obama`s race or Hillary`s gender. I strongly disagree, race and gender are irrelevant to a president`s ability to perform his duties. But a 71-year-old man, with a volatile temper and a body and mind ravished by torture and cancer is at a distinct disadvantage in handling the most stressful job in the world.

"In a campaign year marked by flare-ups surrounding comments that have offended one group or another, John McCain and Barack Obama have moved on to the next sensitive battleground:  McCain`s advanced age.

As some Republicans see it, Democrats are deliberately talking in code about the presumptive 71-year-old GOP nominee as part of an attempt to highlight his age."

Quotation from The Politico/Carrie Budoff Brown

I don`t know if Democrats are talking in code when they refer to McCain as confused, doddering and out of touch, but they have every right to highlight McCain`s advanced age. Democrats shouldn`t be subtle, they should flat out say that McCain is too old to sit in the Oval Office.

If the emperor isn`t wearing any clothes, it`s not politically incorrect to say that he is as naked as a jaybird. And if a presidential candidate appears confused and befuddled, it`s not improper to question his mental condition.

McCain doesn`t know a Sunni from a Shiite, and I`d be surprised if he knows an MP3 player from a hearing aid. McCain should sit out this presidential campaign, and let a much younger person have his turn.

McCain is a septuagenarian who looks like an octogenarian and acts like an old goat (technical term for a 90-something person.)

It`s time for change (that`s not code for `time for McCain to change his Depends`) and only a young man like Obama can deliver it.