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Published:June 20th, 2008 12:57 EST
Why hasn't Bill Clinton endorsed Barack Obama?

Why hasn't Bill Clinton endorsed Barack Obama?

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Clintons believe that the sun revolves around them, they hate to share the spotlight with lesser lights.

Hillary Clinton felt that the presidency was her birthright. She was so devastated when Obama beat her, that she took her sweet time to endorse him.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, those notorious camera hogs, have been in hiding since Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination. Hillary is on vacation and nobody but her closest friends know where she is holed up. At least Hillary made a brief appearance to endorse Obama, but where is Bill Clinton?

As a former president, it`s imperative that Bill give a Monica Lewinsky-style full-throated endorsement speech. Once Bill publicly endorses Obama, he should disappear again. Obama is better off without such a hot-tempered surrogate. Clinton isn`t very good at playing second banana, he can`t help himself; if he is active in the campaign, it won`t be long before he makes an outrageous statement in an effort (conscious or unconscious) to upstage Obama.

Bill Clinton: Hurry up and endorse Obama and then get lost.