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Published:June 22nd, 2008 13:35 EST
Michelle Obama's Sleeveless Dress A Big Hit

Michelle Obama's Sleeveless Dress A Big Hit

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Just two days after Michelle Obama wore a smart black-and-white sundress on The View, women across the country are scurrying to White House/Black Market to get one for themselves.

Houston women are no exception.

`In the last few days we`ve sold probably about 12 - which is a lot,` said Kathy Wajeeh, a sales associate for White House/Black Market in the Galleria. As of Friday morning, the Galleria store had only two of the $148 dresses left."

Quotation from Chron.Com

Every aspect of a presidential candidate`s spouse is scrutinized, including her wardrobe. Michelle Obama struck just the right chord, when she wore an off-the-rack inexpensive sleeveless dress for her co-hosting gig on The View.

Michelle`s summer dress was a huge hit, she got rave reviews from the media and from the public. It`s not a designer item that only the wealthy can afford, any woman can buy an exact copy of the frock at the mall.

As a male I appreciate the fact that Michelle`s dress was sleeveless, why do First Ladies treat their arms like erogenous zones? I can`t remember Laura Bush ever wearing a sleeveless dress.

Michelle is a very intelligent, eloquent and successful career woman, and she`s smart enough to realize that if she dresses sexy it won`t detract from her professionalism.

That`s a lesson Hillary Clinton never learned, her ubiquitous pantsuits probably lost her as many votes as her cackle. I don`t remember women scurrying to Frumpy Women R Us to buy pantsuits like Hillary`s.

Thank goodness the Clinton dynasty is dead, and thank goodness it won`t be Hillary setting the styles for the next eight years.