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Published:June 28th, 2008 18:18 EST
What Music Does Barack Obama Listen To?

What Music Does Barack Obama Listen To?

By Robert Paul Reyes

When I am at a friend`s house I always like to check out the contents of his medicine cabinet, and his CD collection. Nothing reveals more about a person than his musical tastes.

P FunkA person who doesn`t listen to music, is a soulless mutation, and I wouldn`t trust him if my life depended on it.

Music is not only the soundtracks of our lives, but the nutrition that sustains our souls. If there is a Paradise I`m persuaded that music will be blaring from every heavenly mansion.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine Sen. Barack Obama said:

"that, growing up, he listened to Elton John and Earth, Wind & Fire but that Stevie Wonder was his ultimate musical hero during the 70s. The Stones` track Gimme Shelter topped his favourite songs from the band. His selection also contained 30 songs from Dylan."

Quotation from Marginal Revolution

I would automatically trust anyone who admires and listens to Dylan, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones.

In his iPod the senator from Illinois has the music of jazz artists like Miles  Davis and Charlie Parker and pop singers like Sheryl Crow.

In an interview in "Old Codger" magazine, John McCain was asked what music he had in his iPod. McCain responded: What the hell is an iPod? I don`t keep up with this newfangled technology, I`m still trying to get the hang of my 8-track player. McCain says he likes to listen to that new fellow, Lawrence Welk, whenever he can.

Ralph Nader was asked by a reporter what music he listened to, and this was his reply:

It`s none of your business what I listen to. Obama talks white and listens to white music. He is playing on liberal`s white guilt by grooving to Air Supply and Chicago.

I have a feeling that in the inauguration balls in January 09 people will be dancing to the music of Stevie Wonder, not Lawrence Welk.